How to Stop a Bloody Nose

A bloody nose is an unglamorous, sometimes distressing and always unpleasant experience. It can be caused by many things whether trauma to the nose, stress or seemingly unprovoked. Knowing what to do with your nose in order to both stem the bleeding and prevent it from coming back is important and there are many schools of thought on the matter. Here we will look at a simple and safe procedure that you can use in most cases to stop nose bleeding and return to your normal activities.

Step 1.

First of all find out which nostril is bleeding as normally the blood will only be coming from one side – the side with the burst blood vessel, cut or other problem.

Step 2.

You may wish to empty some of the blood out from your nose at first to prevent lots of dry blood from forming inside. To do this lean slightly forward over a sink and wipe it away as it comes out. However do not lie down or lean backwards as this can cause the blood to roll the other way and cause potential nausea and vomiting.

Step 3.

Now take a small piece of tissue and roll it up into a wide-ish tube. Insert this into the damaged nostril in order to ‘plug’ the end and stem the flow. Ensure it is snug but not painful. This will not actually stop the bleeding however but is more an intermediate stalling tactic to prevent mess while you look at a more permanent solution.

Step 4.

Now, using your index finger and thumb, pinch the bridge of your nose in order to close off the pressure from the top of your nose. This should be the firm part of your nose where the cartilage is and it won’t prevent you from breathing at all. This will help to close off the blood coming from higher up and prevent it from happening again.

Step 5.

Hold for around two minutes. You may need to replace the tissue you have used as a bung.

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  1. Brummig Reply
    February 11, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    The time allowed for a blood clot to form and stop the bleeding will vary between people. It also depends on where the artery has burst. To be sure of stopping the bleeding, minimum 10 minutes should be allowed and possibly longer. Putting tissue up the nose may slow down the stoppage of bleeding and damage the burst artery further.

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