The Benefits of Biofreeze

Biofreeze is a pain relieving gel from ‘G. R. Lane Health Products Ltd’. It is a topical gel meaning that it is applied directly onto the area and it is largely used for treating pain relating to sports injuries, sore muscles, arthritis and joint pain, backache, sprains, twisted ankles, bruises and stiffness. It contains a herb called ‘llex paraguariensis’ which is extracted from a holly shrub found in South America. Here it has been traditionally used by the Paraguay Indians in order to enhance their own medicines. It also has a cooling effect on the area it is applied onto which can help to create a sensation somewhat akin to having an ice pack on the area.

Benefits of Biofreeze

There are several benefits to using Biofreeze. Of course it is first and foremost an effective painkiller and this means that it can be used to help overcome pain from injury or illness which means it is important for comfort. For non-athletes this is a useful product to have around the house to help treat twisted and sprained ankles etc that come about just from regular day-to-day living. At the same time though for athletes it is very beneficial in that it allows them to continue to train or to exert themselves and to participate in sports. It is also very useful for those who suffer from arthritis and this can provide temporary relief which may allow for them to do things they couldn’t otherwise. For instance a pianist with arthritis in their fingers might find that it helps them to be able to play the piano.

There are several benefits to using Biofreeze over other types of medication. The first is the fact that it is applied topically which makes it more suited to treating very localised injuries and pains. This also means that unlike medication it can be taken easily with no need for water, and will not interfere with things you eat or drink (for example you can still drink alcohol which is not advisable when taking Paracetamol). It is also helpful in that it acts almost immediately providing immediate relief rather than working after a long delay.

Some people may also find it useful for more casual use. In some cases it can be used to help relax muscles during a massage for instance (it also has a light smell – rather than overpowering like many such creams – which can add to the experience of a massage), or it might be useful after exerting yourself after a jog or lots of stretching.


Biofreeze comes in several different variations which mostly focus on the way it is applied. Most will come in a bottle of gel that can be squeezed out of the end of a tube and then rubbed into the area. This allows the user to choose how much of the gel to use on the area. Other variations on the packaging are sprays which allow Biofreeze to be sprayed lightly on an area, wipes which are similar to wet-wipes and a roll-on stick that lasts longer and may be more convenient for carrying and applying for sportsmen and women.


Some find that the cooling effect of Biofreeze is more noticeable after first ‘heating up’ the area. Thus for an enhanced effect it can be useful to try showering under hot or warm water on the affected area, drying, and then applying the Biofreeze. This makes its effects more noticeable and may also help to relax the muscles around the region.

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