How to Treat Voice Loss

There are many reasons you can lose your voice – it could be a cold or flu, laryngitis, throat infection, over use and more. Whatever the cause though it is always equally as frustrating not to ‘have a voice’ and for people to say ‘pardon?’ after everything you say – particularly as when you do repeat yourself no one is going to be any clearer on what you just said…

Fortunately there are several things you can do in order to help your voice to heal faster so that you can get back your gift of the gab. Here are some suggestions that should work for a range of causes of lost voice.

Drink a Lot: Drinking a lot can help with a range of conditions and it will help to flush any bacteria out of your system while soothing your throat if it’s sore.

Drink Honey Tea: Drinking warm drinks is an effective means of treating many cases of lost voice because it helps to relax the muscles in the throat and the vocal chords. However on the other hand something like tea or coffee can cause dehydration which might make things worse. Instead then drink honey tea or camomile tea with a spoon of honey in it. This will also coat and soothe the throat. The hot liquid will also again help to disinfect the area.

Gargle With TCP or Salt Water: If your lost voice is due entirely or partly to a throat infection then you will want to try and disinfect the area as quickly as possible. To do this, gargle with TCP or salt water. This way you’ll also prevent subsequent infections if you throat is open and vulnerable.

Rest: Of course you should also avoid using your voice as much as possible – just as you would avoid walking on a recently twisted ankle.

Massage Your Throat: Relaxing your neck, shoulders and back can help to relax your vocal chords and let more air through.

Have a Lozenger: If your voice is hoarse and has been sore as well as losing its ‘oomph’ then you can take cough sweets to try and ease the discomfort while also healing any damage in your throat.

Have a Hot Shower: Again the heat will help your muscles to relax. At the same time this can also help you as a result of moisture in the air to help keep your throat hydrated.

Ensure the Air Is Conducive: You also need to improve the conditions in your area as much as possible. This means using a humidifier to ensure that there is the correct amount of vapour in the air and to prevent dust. Avoid inhaling any smoke and if you’re a smoker yourself now would be a good opportunity to cut down a bit as it will all damage your throat. Finally, things like allergens or fibre glass will also make things worse, so if you have an air cleaner turn that on.


  1. This article is very helpful. Thank you for producing a system and guidance that is able to clear my throat. I had a tremendous voice until I had the flu. That's when my voice went funny. I could barely speak! And even when I could speak my voice changed. And then I tried to sing 'We Are Young' by Fun and I COULDN'T!!!! I was shocked! But then I took these steps and a big improvement came! Now I can sing all I want!

    Once again, Thank You

  2. Gbadegesin victoria Tosin

    Eat of banana nd taking of hot water…

  3. My voice is very hoarse and I am in choir. I have to go to Jackson, TN to try out for All Northwest this Saturday and I went to my choir practice today and tried to sing. I had no sound and I want to get my voice back. I am in soprano 1. I couldn't hit the high note. I have done some of that and it didn't work. Wouldn't it be nice for some more information to be on here just in case? I mean like what if you try EVERYTHING on here and NOTHING works? What would you do?

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