What Is Angular Breathing?

Most of you might have already heard about scoliosis. It’s a condition characterized by spine deformity that leads to a sideway S or C-shaped curvature over a period of time. The worst part is that the condition causes great pain. In most cases, the abnormal shape of the spine results into lower back pain. The pain can be severe enough to affect one’s day to day routine. Scoliosis victims are advised certain exercises to improve their state of health. Angular breathing is one form of exercise recommended to scoliosis sufferers. Basically, it’s a breathing technique that can offer one great relief from scoliosis.

Importance of Angular Breathing

Scoliosis patient’s rib cage is only able to support the sufferer to perform limited movements while breathing. The spine curvature results into an abnormal state of health, wherein a particular side of the pulmonary cavity will be narrower than the other side. What happens over here is that the narrower side goes inactive while breathing. Angular breathing technique eradicates this issue. With the aid of angular breathing, the sufferer learns to force air into the narrower side as well to increase oxygen intake. In this manner, scoliosis patients can benefit a great deal from angular breathing.

Methods That Support Angular Breathing

Another method that can help scoliosis patients is Schroth method. This method must be practiced in conjunction with angular breathing. Schroth method focuses on realigning the spine to its correct position while performing angular breathing. Angular breathing technique helps the sufferer push the misaligned rib cage in the outward direction with the aid of targeted breathing. The targeted breathing practice forces the curved spine to shift towards the right direction.

How it Works?

The Schroth method involves a set of isometric exercises that consist of guided breathing. As mentioned earlier, the narrower part of the torso goes inactive, when a person suffers from scoliosis. The breathing technique focuses on forcing the inhaled air into the narrower part of the torso. Spine curvature correction should happen while one is inhaling. Over here, the exhalation period should be focused on maintaining the correction that one has been able to achieve through isometric tension of the involved back muscles. One should overcompensate in the opposite direction of the spine curvature to improve the alignment.


Needless to say, Schroth method is a complicated process. One’s shouldn’t consider performing these exercises without expert guidance. One’s best bet over here would be to take help from a trained physiotherapist. Remember, scoliosis can make way into your life in a mysterious manner. One might not realize about the extent of damage until the condition gets worse. Early diagnosis can be of great help over here. Today, you will see many campaigns formed in different places to test individuals on scoliosis. Usually, these screenings take place in school and college premises. Just like any other ailment, scoliosis cannot be taken lightly. Remember, to resort to timely medication as soon as the condition is diagnosed. In this manner, you will be able to get rid of the pain and discomfort associated with the condition at the earliest.

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