Types of Lumbar Braces

Back pain is cited as the second most common disability affecting the people of United States. As a result, we see increasing amount of people resorting to lumbar braces to find relief from back pain. Lumbar braces are formulated in a manner that they stabilize our back muscles and prevent our spine from further damage. It’s medically proven to help victims find relief from the unbearable pain and discomfort accompanied with back pain. Today, the market is flooded with different varieties of lumbar braces. Let’s have a look at the various types of lumbar braces.

Soft Lumbar Corsets

You will often witness individuals suffering from lower spine injury make use of soft lumbar corsets. Generally, arthritis patients who develop lower back pain due to the ailment are recommended to use soft lumbar corsets. That being said, long term use of soft lumbar corsets is a strict “no” over here because it can weaken our lumbar muscles. They are intended to be worn while performing specific activities only.

Rigid Lumbar Braces

Individuals who have undergone spinal surgery are generally advised to use rigid lumbar braces. Besides this, individuals suffering from spine issues due to scoliosis or similar ailments are asked to stick with rigid lumbar braces to prevent further spine curvature. Rigid lumbar brace mobilizes our back muscles and promotes stability.

Corset Brace

Corset brace offers more flexibility to the patient in terms of movement as compared to rigid lumbar brace. Corset brace includes long ties and shoulder straps that are used for proper body attachment. They are available in different sizes. The shorter ones are usually used to treat lower back issues, while longer ones are used for middle back issues.

Hyperextension Braces

Hyperextension braces are used post a spinal fusion surgery. Basically, it’s designed to avoid excessive bending of our back, which helps our spine heal properly. Hyperextension brace is proven to be instrumental in helping one get rid of frontal compression fractures by stretching one’s spines and by helping it stay constant.

Elastic Braces

Unlike most of the other braces out there, elastic braces are not used to deal with any medical issue. They are used to provide stability and support to our spine. The use of elastic braces limits the movement of our back muscles, which is a must post a critical back surgery. In a way, it prevents further injury while helping us maintain good posture. Besides this, it’s also used to support the back muscles while performing manual labor such as lifting enormous amount of weight from the ground.

Depending upon one’s needs and requirement, an individual has to handpick the right lumbar brace. While some braces are worn inside the clothes, others are worn from outside. If you need one for long term use, you are advised to choose one that can be worn inside the clothes. After all, you would dislike being the center of attraction for a wrong reason, especially while attending parties and other social events. The best part is that almost all the lumbar braces are lightweight, and they can be used on daily basis with great ease.

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