Proper Chair Posture

Proper chair posture is a must for good health and improved performance at work. Depending upon the number of hours you sit in front of the computer, your muscles and bones will be impacted upon bad sitting posture. Not many individuals out there realize that bad sitting posture is linked with numerous health hazards. It can impact one’s digestive system, blood circulation and breathing ability. Not to forget the fact that you might end up with a back pain at the end of the day. Let’s have a look at the proper chair posture:

How to Maintain Correct Sitting Posture?

While sitting, you must sit straight so that your spine is properly aligned. Maintain a straight back while having the spine’s natural curve. The lower back must touch the back of the chair with ease. You must be facing forward. Make sure that you don’t twist your body or sit stiffly. Your head should be up and your shoulders should be straight. You can’t afford to ignore this pointer especially when your chair has no back. It’s also important that you shift your weight evenly on both your hips.

Find the Correct Angles

Once seated on a chair, you should make sure that both your knees are bent at a right angle. Your knees should be even with your hips. Some individuals have the habit of crossing their legs, which should be avoided. Place your feet flat on the floor. When our feet don’t touch the floor, we tend to shift a little forward, thereby making way for a hunchback. To avoid this situation, make sure that both your feet are placed comfortably on the floor. You can adjust your chair in such a manner that your feet don’t stay in the air.

Adjusting Your Chair

Today, most of the chairs arrive with adjustable sides and backs. Remember, you might be tempted to sit back and relax in a casual lounging position. However, maintaining this position for too long is not good. The chair should be adjusted in such a manner that it should offer you perfect back support, rather than compelling you to slough backwards. Adjust the height of the chair properly so that your arms rest nicely on the desk. This will prevent unnecessary stress exerted on your arms while typing or reading books.

Manage Your Workstation

While proper seating is a must, it’s equally important to make some minor adjustments in your workspace so that you are encouraged to maintain correct posture all throughout the day. Over here, you will have to adjust the height of the monitor to ensure that you don’t slouch after you start working on your computer. Don’t place your chair too far from the work desk, or else you will have to bear stress on your arms to type or perform any activity on the desk. Over a period of time, this will take a hit on your posture.

Pointers You Shouldn’t Ignore While Sitting!

Today, most job profile forces us to spend several hours in front of the computer screen to earn our share of bread and butter. While one can’t afford to skip this activity, one should make sure that they don’t sit for more than half an hour on a chair without taking a time out. After every 30 minutes, give yourself a break for just a couple of minutes. You will also be able to maintain correct chair posture for an extended period of time by supplying your body with the much required break in regular intervals. Your tensed muscles will get relaxed and your blood circulation will also improve. Not taking a break will tire your body and in the process impact your productivity at work. You can perform some basic breathing or stretching exercises to stay active. One can also consider an investment on ergonomic chair. It’s a well documented fact that ergonomic chair are fundamentally the best chair, when it comes to maintaining good body posture.


Today, improper chair posture is cited as one of the root cause of back issues amongst truckloads of individuals out there. Those who spend endless number of hours in front of the computer can’t afford to take proper chair posture for granted. Incorporating good chair posture will not only improve one’s spine, but it will also contribute to the overall wellbeing. It might take fair amount of time to get used to the proper chair posture, but the final outcome would be satisfactory!

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