Spine Corrector Exercises

Regardless of what you think about your health, it’s a must to include spinal exercises in your daily routine to improve your body posture. Spinal exercises will not only help you work on your posture, but it will also keep you immune from back disorders. In a way, it will work as a preventive step to keep back and posture issues at bay. Not to forget the fact that an improved posture will help you feel and look better.

What Is Spine Corrector?

Spine Corrector is a tool that is being used on Pilates classes. The exercise equipment is formulated to strengthen our muscles. Not only does it work on our back muscles, but it also strengthens our torso and legs. Spine Corrector offers great support and stability during workout. It can help you deal with ailments such as Osteoporosis and Scoliosis.

Advantages of Spine Corrector Exercises

As we age, our spine looses its natural curve because of inadequate physical activities or some sort of ailment. The use of a Spine Corrector takes care of this issue by helping one stay physically active and also by treating certain body ailments by working on one’s posture. Spine Corrector exercises corrects one’s posture by adding strength to our core muscles. This ensures that our body movements stay flexible and stable. We all know that elders usually bump over minor obstacles and injure themselves due to instability. The fact that Spine Corrector exercises promote stability, elders can stay safe from minor and major injuries that can pave way into their lives due to an unfortunate incident. Spine Corrector exercises also shapes up one’s legs and torso. Let’s have a look at some of the exercises that can be performed with the aid of a Spine Corrector.

Inverted Legwork

This exercise performed on a Spine Corrector can help one get rid of the lower back pain. Apart from lower back pain, this exercise can also help one get relief from the extra strain exerted on the back of the arms. Over here, one needs to lie back over the barrel with the hops on top of the arc. What one should keep in mind over here is that the shoulder blades and the head should be placed securely on the mat. Stretch hip flexors and flex while your hamstrings lead the legs away from the center.

Arm Circles

While performing this exercise, your back and your head should be against the curve of the Spine Corrector. Your legs should be flat in front of you. Now, you should hold your arms out in front of you and then circle them. This movement must be performed very slowly with full range of motion. You can keep your head and back partially up from the floor to improve your range of motion.

There are many other exercises that can be performed with the aid of a Spine Corrector. The key over here is that one should exercise on regular basis, rather than doing it occasionally.

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