Plugged Milk Duct – Tips to Unclog It

For a nursing mother, it’s nothing short of an uncanny incident to be a victim of plugged milk duct. Those having bumps and lumps in their breast might be experiencing this condition. As such, this ailment comprises of certain noticeable symptoms such as tenderness in the affected area. In fact, some affected areas of the breast would be hard on touch. The condition in itself does not pose any risk, but one needs to unclog the plugged milk duct in order to prevent breast infection. Below are a few recommended pointers that can help you deal with plugged milk duct effectively.

You should first try to empty the affected breast while breastfeeding your baby. You can consider massaging or pressing the lumps to promote smooth flow of milk. One needs to massage the breast using a pushing motion towards one’s nipple. Your baby won’t get affected in any ways by this move because milk ducts are pretty small in size. Your best bet would be to nurse your baby several times in a day. One can pump their breast by hand to encourage milk flow. If the baby is full, then you can consider using a breast pump to empty the milk from the affected breast. Remember, you should be pumping while your breasts are hanging straight down. One can lie down and kneel over to feed the baby, or simply lean way over while breastfeeding or pumping. The gravity will do the trick for you, thereby helping you unclog the plugged milk duct. One can also facilitate the whole process by placing a heating pad on the plugged area. Repeating this activity will help one a great deal! Having a hot water shower is another beneficial step that can ease the situation. The heat will not only help you unplug the milk duct, but will also get you rejuvenated.

Apart from taking a shower, one can also make use of some kitchen amenities to deal with plugged milk duct. For instance, placing a warm cabbage leaf on the affected breast area can work as a natural cure over here. You need to make use of a large cabbage leaf and replace it every few hours. You simply have to place the cabbage leaf in a microwave before having it on your breast. Lecithin is also found to be hugely helpful to deal with blocked milk duct. It not only helps one cure plugged milk duct, but also prevents the occurrence of clogs in the near future. Consuming 1200 mg of lecithin few times in a day is the advisable dosage recommended to most victims. One needs to reduce the dosage once the clog is gone. Certain herbs can also help one deal with plugged milk duct. For instance, intake of hot herbal fusion of lecithin and echinacea can do the trick for you. Experts reckon that supplying one’s body with adequate amount of vitamin C can prevent blockages.

The above mentioned measures work great, if you ensure that you don’t deprive your body with good amount of rest. You might be a busy mom post pregnancy, but that can’t serve as a good reason to take healthcare for granted. In fact, reports suggest that lack of adequate sleep is one of the factors that can aggravate your condition. Lastly, make sure that you don’t wear a bra that is very tight as it can restrict milk flow coming from your breast. In most cases, you will experience positive results in a couple of days, however, if the above remedies fail to offer you satisfactory results, then your best bet would be to have a word with your family doctor.

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