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There is no denying to the fact that most of us are notoriously addicted to junk foods and other caffeinated beverages. We often visit one of the local stores near our locality to satisfy our taste buds with carbonated beverages and other sweet dishes. Unfortunately, these choices result into stain on one’s teeth over a period of time.

While mouthwash, brushing and flossing is a necessity to keep unwanted stains at bay, one should also watch out the foods that come in contact with one’s teeth. Certain foods cause more teeth stain than others. Realistically speaking, beverages such as coffee, cola etc are the most evil offenders. However, these beverages are not the only offenders. There are many other foods that can cause teeth stain. Let’s have a look at the foods that can contribute towards stain teeth.


We all know that the addition of sauce adds to the delicacy of our meal. However, the delicious addition comes at a cost. Sauce is believed to be one of the major contributors for teeth stains. Soy sauce in particular, which is used in almost all Chinese dishes taste great, but they cause significant harm to our teeth. The pigments present in the sauce stick to our teeth and penetrate deep into our enamel, thereby causing stains in our teeth. One can consider cream sauces that are light in color because they cause less damage as compared to dark colored sauces.


Berries are found to be good for our overall health and wellness. However, berries that are rich in color can contribute significantly towards teeth stains. Because they are loaded with sugar, they can also make way for yellow patches on our teeth over a period of time.

Black Coffee

Black coffee lovers will have to live with the bad news that their daily dose of black coffee can cause teeth stain. As a thumb rule, darker the color of the coffee, the worse it is for your oral health. One can consider adding some milk to lighten the color of the coffee. This will not only help you minimize the damage, but it will also enable you to derive more calcium and vitamins that are instrumental for maintaining healthy teeth.


Nothing appears to be more delicious than popsicles on a hot sunny day. Even though they are a favorite summertime food, they contain chemicals that can cause teeth stain. The fact that they are filled with sugar only contributes to the damage.


Most people tend to believe that tea is a better option over coffee. However, what these people do not realize is that tea can also cause teeth stains. One should consider green tea and other herbal teas because they do not cause much stain on our teeth. Dark colored teas are the major culprits over here.

Sweet Foods

It’s no secret to learn that sweet foods such as chocolate can cause damage to our teeth. While not everyone out there can resist the temptation to feed themselves with an occasional chocolate treat, one should try to skip dark colored chocolates because they cause more teeth stains.


Beets are extremely strong staining agents, especially when they are consumed in the form of a juice. One must brush their teeth within an hour of beet consumption to avoid the formation of teeth stains.

Foods such as tomato sauce, cola, balsamic vinegar and curry can also result into food stains. Needless to say, one can’t really afford to eliminate all these foods from their diet. They key over here is moderation. One must consume these foods occasionally, and not make them a part of one’s daily routine.

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