How to Clean a Baby’s Tongue

Cleaning a baby’s tongue is not a cakewalk on all accounts. A parent or a guardian will generally experience a hard time cleaning the baby’s tongue, due to the fact that babies show least interest in such activities. Usually, they cry and try to create a huge ruckus to prevent you from cleaning their tongue. More than often, parents try to engage their babies in some activities, so that they are able to properly clean the baby’s tongue.

What happens if you ignore to clean the baby’s tongue?

Parents who ignore the oral health care of their little ones run the risk of affecting the child’s overall wellbeing. Not cleaning the tongue on regular basis would result into accumulation of bacteria and germs that can make way for dental issues in the near future. Hence, parents should know how to properly clean a baby’s tongue. Let’s learn one of the effective and simplest methods to clean a baby’s tongue.

What is the procedure to clean baby’s tongue?

First and foremost, one is advised to take a soft cotton cloth. One must pour some water into the cloth. The poured water should not be very hot, or else it will hurt your baby’s tongue. Once you have poured the mildly heated water on the cloth, encourage your little one to open his/her mouth. This can be achieved by lowering the tip of your baby’s lips. Next, you need to wrap the cloth on your index finger so that you can use it to clean the baby’s tongue.

You need to rub the tongue softly in a circular motion to clear all the unwanted particles. Sometimes, you will notice too much of build-up particles. In such cases, you should not rub the tongue rigorously. Instead, you should apply little amount of toothpaste on the tongue before rubbing it with the cloth to get rid of the unwanted particles.

What precaution should you take?

Needless to say, you must wash the mouth properly to ensure that the toothpaste does not stay in the baby’s mouth. The fact that most toothpastes taste sweet, babies will try to swallow it, which is why you need to clean it off before your baby tries to swallow it. One can also make use of a soft brush instead of their index fingers to clean the baby’s tongue. The key over here is to clean the tongue gently because if the baby gets hurt even once, it will not cooperate again. Without cooperation from your little one, the task will only get more challenging. The baby might also try to bite your finger to avoid the trouble.


If your baby doesn’t allow you to clean the tongue, despite your best efforts, you are advised to visit a child care specialist to get some oral cleaning treatment. Also, if the build-up is severe, you might want to seek professional help. As a precautionary measure, parents are advised to wash their baby’s mouth after every feeding. This will not only keep the baby immune from oral health issues, but it will also develop a healthy routine.

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