How to Make Hand Sanitizer


Why Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer?

A hand sanitizer is a highly useful product to have with you that can allow you to quickly kill germs, bacteria and viruses from your skin to help prevent them from spreading. The usefulness of this comes from the fact that you can’t carry water and soap with you meaning that you aren’t always able to wash your hands thoroughly on a moment’s notice. This then means that with sanitizer to hand instead (pun unintended) you are able to ensure that you wash your hands after petting animals or handling dirty items, or after socialising with those who have contagious illnesses.

However using hand sanitizer all the time means unfortunately spending a lot of money on the product. At the same time if you are using the sanitizer you will not know what substances you are wiping on your skin on a regular basis – some ingredients can dry out your skin, or in other cases might cause a particular allergic reaction.

Thus, making your own hand sanitizer enables you to keep your hands clean and disinfected, but also means that you do not need to spend large amounts of money on your sanitizing product and means that you can make certain of precisely what goes into to it to ensure that it is kind on your skin and natural as possible.

What You Will Need

• Aloe Vera Oil

• Rubbing Alcohol

• Salt

• Tea Tree Essential Oils

• Vegetable Glycerin

How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Step 1.

First get a big bowl and pour one cup of aloe vera in.

Step 2.

Add and mix one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and a pinch of salt.

Step 3.

Add and mix two more teaspoons of vegetable glycerine with ten drops of tea tree essential oils.

Step 4.

Mix all the ingredients and pour them into a large container.

Step 5.

Dispense your hand sanitizer gel into several smaller bottles (you can use recycled moisturising cream bottles, or sanitizer bottles).

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