How to Relieve Baby Teething Pain Naturally

Teething pain is one of the uncanny issues that almost every baby experiences during the initial years of his/her life. Needless to say, parents have to go through the emotional trauma as well in the process of helping their babies find relief from the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. Mild fever, excessive drooling, inflamed gums and diarrhea are few of the common symptoms associated with teething pain. Let’s have a look at the natural measures that parents can adapt to relieve their baby from teething pain.

Make use of a cold cloth

When you first see your baby in discomfort due to teething pain, you should take a wet and clean cloth and place it inside the freezer for a couple of minutes. After a couple of minutes, hand over the cool cloth to the baby so that it can suck it in order to find relief from the teething pain. The coldness of the cloth will alleviate the pain. Make sure to keep an eye on the baby during the process because the baby might attempt to eat the piece of cloth. You should be prepared to get rid of the cloth before the baby starts to dine on it.

Make use of cold food

One of the things that you need to consider over here is to feed the baby with cold food. A good idea would be to freeze a banana or carrot and offer it to the baby so that it can comfortably chew on it, and in the process be able to tackle teething pain.

Make use of gum massage

Gum massage can also prove to be useful over here. One should clean their hands and rub their finger along the gums by exerting little pressure on the affected gum. While using your fingers, ice or any other thing to ease the pain, make sure that the baby does not experience a choking sensation. You need to be extremely careful about the basic things.

Make use of toys

More than often, babies would need something to chew in order to tackle the pain. Sometimes, the counter pressure from biting can relieve the pressure from the gums, and thereby ease the pain. There are renowned companies that sell wonderful teething toys. These toys are available in different shape, sizes and color. The fact that these toys are specially formulated for babies troubled by teething pain, they do not pose any kind of health risk. One can make use of these teething toys to help the babies play naturally, and yet be able to find relief from teething pain.

Make use of clove oil

Parents and guardians have also found success with clove oil. To make the solution work, one simply needs to apply a diluted solution of clove oil on the affected gums. This will help the baby find relief from pain. Experts advise individuals to have a word with their physician before trying out this method to ensure that the clove oil does not upset the baby’s stomach.

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