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The Importance of Wearing Accessories

Accessories clearly need no presentation as women around the world love to accessorize themselves and thus, add style and personality to their outfits. In fact, accessories are known to speak more about ourselves than the clothes we are wearing, so it is no wonder that choosing the proper ones is mandatory for looking good and impressing others with our unique fashion sense.

Accessories can not only complete an outfit, but may also get into conflict with the other pieces of one’s attire, therefore solely selecting your accessories wisely will set the tone of your look without contrasting in a visually displeasing way.

The Secrets of Proper Accessorizing

From chunky necklaces to fine, metal chains, from chandeliers to studs, from oversized bags to petite clutches, from sexy pumps to delicate flats, there’s room for any of them as long as a few basic rules are not undermined. Accessories can drastically change the entire effect of a particular outfit, therefore making smart choices when it comes to your fashion ‘add-ons’ won’t make you just look good, but will immediately set you apart from the crowd as being a stylish and appealing presence.

One of the main rules of selecting the right accessory pieces refers to quality and workmanship. Cheap materials may not only cause you an allergy, but they also look cheap, and are subjected to breaking down and wearing out a lot faster than items of superior quality. Invest in a few high quality pieces that, although expensive, are totally worth it for they will last longer and will give you a fancier, more sophisticated appearance.

When choosing your accessories, think about the occasion or the event where you plan on wearing them, and also take into account what kind of clothes you’re thinking of accessorizing. A heavy printed dress will only look good with monochrome or nude pumps, whilst a plain top can easily accommodate a massive necklace. Just try to maintain the balance and don’t overdo, otherwise the pieces comprising your outfit will enter into conflict with one another, resulting in a complete fashion mess.

Also, keep in mind the size and height of your body. For example, petites need to opt for smaller accessories such as totes and fine jewelry, while larger women can choose oversized bags and wear massive jewels instead. If you’re waist line is heavily embellished, it is best to leave your necklaces at home or choose a simple one, and also, remember not to wear more than two pieces of jewelry all at the same time. Overloading yourself with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings is not aesthetic. Pair two items instead, such as earrings and a bracelet, and don’t be too matchy-matchy. Experiment with various pieces and various colors, but maintain the visual balance so that they don’t strike out as being utterly different.

Accessory Must-Haves

When it comes to proper accessories, women have to take into account that some pieces are more versatile than others, not to mention that upon purchasing them, you will never go out of fashion. Pumps will style up a formal attire, whilst looking highly provocative at night. Flats on the other hand bring comfort when you’re on the go. Belts are perfect for accentuating your waist and completing turning an ensemble for sloppy to perfectly polished.

Pearls will add elegance and sophistication to your look, diamonds will forever sparkle and bring your outfit to a whole new level while statement pieces such as a huge, cocktail ring will always be attention grabbers and will add detail and sparkle to plain outfits. Aside from these, don’t forget about the casual leather bag, perfect for fitting your everyday things, whilst the sensuous clutch will ensure you’re a refined presence at night.

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