London Olympic Sporting Events

Olympic Games

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be held in London, England from July 27 through August 12. The London Olympic sporting events will consist of twenty-six sports and will represent thirty-eight disciplines. Both baseball and softball have been dropped from the 2012 Olympic Game schedule. Several other sports were considered for replacement but none of them received the necessary approval to be added.

There will be 302 Olympic gold medals up for grabs at the 2012 London Olympics. Individuals will be competing for these medals in sports like athletics, gymnastics and weight lifting. Teams will also be competing in many different sports like, basketball, hockey and football. The London Olympic sporting events will be a place for the best athletes in the world to showcase their talent.

Sports Arenas

All of the London Olympic sporting events will be in venues specifically designed to accommodate the athletes and the spectators. The main arena is the London Olympic Stadium, which will not only be the location of both the opening and closing ceremonies but will also be home to the athletics competitions like track and field.

Other London Olympic sporting events will be held in arenas inside Olympic Park specifically made for that sport like the Basketball Arena and the Handball Arena. Olympic Park is also home to the Hockey Centre, the Aquatics Centre and the BMX circuit. Some of the sporting events like tennis and football will be held at other locations throughout London and nearby cities.

Sporting Schedule

The London Olympic sporting events are spread out during the two week period of July 27 through August 12. Some of the sports, like football, diving, equestrian and basketball will be continuing throughout the entire two week period. Some sport’s competitions only last one or two days, like the triathlon and the modern pentathlon.

Many of the London Olympic sporting events last for a portion of the two week period. Some of the competitions will be held within the first week of the Olympics, like badminton, archery and weightlifting. Others games will be held during the second week of competition, like taekwondo, wrestling and synchronized swimming.

Attending the Olympic Games

If you are planning to attend any of the London Olympic sporting events during the 2012 Olympics tickets will be going on sale in March 2011. If you live in the UK be sure to purchase your tickets from the official Olympic website or an official London 2012 sales channel. If you live outside of the UK, you must be sure to purchase your tickets from your local National Olympic Committee or an authorized ticket reseller. Prices of the tickets for these sporting events will vary greatly depending on the type of event but they can start as low as ₤20.

A complete schedule of all of the sporting events and where they will be held will be made available. You can simply view the schedule and decide which of the many sporting events you want to see. Both accommodation and transportation are readily available for all of those who wish to attend any of the London Olympic sporting events.

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