Constant Back Pain Under Left Rib Cage

Any constant back pain is a serious condition that can be highly distressing to live with. Back pain is a serious ailment as we use our back in every kind of movement we make due to the fact that all the nerves in the body travel up through the spine to the brain. Thus movements that are not located anywhere near our spine can still cause our back to ache. As such it is important to quickly get to the bottom of what is causing your back ache and to try and solve the situation so that you no longer need to live with the constant back ache (and so you can rest your mind and be sure that it’s nothing serious). Following are some of the potential causes of constant back pain located under the left rib cage.

Trapped Muscle: The muscles between your ribs are called your intercostal muscles. These small muscles can sometimes get trapped in your rib causing pain, or can experience cramping or tearing – any of which could cause your back ache. Try massaging the area and see if this helps.

Infection: An infection of the intestine or pancreas could cause back ache just below the rib cage. Blood tests can help to eliminate this possibility.

Trapped Nerve: All our nerves go through our back as mentioned, and some of these come forwards to spread out around the chest where they can conceivably be caught up in the ribs. A trapped nerve is highly painful, but in many cases will go away on its own after a few days or weeks. Otherwise physiotherapy can be used to help remove it.

Pregnancy: In the latter stages of pregnancy some women complain of a lower back pain located just below the ribs. The precise cause for this is not fully known, but it is not a cause for concern.

Damage or Inflammation to the Cartilage: There is also cartilage around this area (between the ribs and the breast bone) and this can become inflamed causing pain around this area and in the arms.

Costochondritis: This is a respiratory infection and a common cause for this back pain. This will often be worse when breathing heavily.

Wound: Any kind of wound could be causing your pain. This might for instance be simple bruising, or it may be a more serious and long lasting fractured rib. In the case of the latter it will likely hurt more when you breathe and both will be sensitive to touch. While there is not much you can do for a broken rib, you can nevertheless bandage it up and rest until it heals.

Indigestion: While it’s not likely to be constant, indigestion can often feel as though it’s coming from the back and this is usually located around the rib cage area. A range of digestive disorders could be the cause of your back ache so it’s a could avenue to consider. Try taking medicine for indigestion such as Gaviscon and see if this has any effect.

There are however many other potential causes for back pain below the ribs and this could even be a sign of a tumour. As such you should treat any complaint seriously and if the symptoms persist ensure that you see a doctor.

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  1. Decently written, however you failed to even mention the safest and most effective treatment…. chiropractic. Makes me think this is a website put on by the American Medical Association because this entire website is biased to "alternative" treatments.

    I will go elsewhere for my health information thank you very much.

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