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If you have a fair complexion then you will need to take extra care of your skin and you will be far more susceptible to damage from the sun. At the same time you might want to take extra care to try and ensure that you skin looks like it has colour and many people will try to develop a tan in a healthy way to this end. Here we will look at some natural tips for those of fair complexion.

Use Sun Block: It is highly important if you have fair skin to use some form of sun block. This is because those with fairer skin will burn much more easily, and also because they are more susceptible to cancer. Even when it seems to be relatively cool outside – if the sun is directly on your face it can cause sun burn. If you’re not happy with using thick sun block on your skin every day then don’t worry – many moisturising creams and make-ups have a sun block in them which can work to keep your skin protected.

Get Shade: However nothing works quite as well as just hiding in the shade from time to time so be sure to get out of the sun occasionally when you’re outside for long stretches of time.

Use Self Tanning Moisturiser: If you want your skin to appear darker then there are many different types of tanning options available from spray tans to sun beds. However the best option is to use a self-tanning moisturiser. This will bring out your ‘natural tan’ meaning a more gentle looking tan, a more natural cover, and none of the messiness or risk factor of a spray tan or tanning bed respectively.

Use a Foundation: For women a foundation one shade darker than their natural skin tone can be used in order to make the skin a shade darker and also to make the skin tone look more even.

Exfoliate: Unfortunately for those with fair complexions, it is often the case that blemishes and imperfections stand out more clearly. Thus it is important to encourage an even skin tone by clearing out your pores with an exfoliating face wash. This will also help your face to get more colour as it clears away the layer of dead skin on top creating a healthy ‘glow’ over time.

Work the Look: However there is no reason to necessarily try and darken or hide your skin tone, and many people actually aim to make their skin tone fairer. For women in particular this is a very ‘in’ look if you contrast the pale skin tone with bold colours like black or red.

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