How to Get Rid of Leg Bumps

If you are woman who shaves her legs then the chances are that you do so in order to try and ensure that your legs look and feel smooth and attractive. Having a set of legs that are shiny and free from hairs makes you look like a model and means you can show off your calves and thighs in a pair of heels and a short skirt – and not be embarrassed if your partner should happen to stroke them.

Unfortunately though in some cases shaving can ironically cause your legs to appear less smooth and attractive and can cause leg bumps. These leg bumps are usually small and red and will be found around your legs. They can look angry and far from the smooth model legs you probably hoped for when you began shaving, and in some instances they are even sore to touch. In most cases they can be the result of in grown hairs. These occur when you shave the hairs and leave them much shorter by also very sharp. These small sharp hairs then for whatever reason change angle and start growing again – pushing their sharpened edge into the skin and curling downwards resulting in a red and sore mark. Sometimes these will even become infected causing the skin tissue around them to die and resulting in more pain and discolouration. There is a simple cause for this then though, meaning there are a few ways to prevent them from occurring. Here we will look at some tips for shaving your legs that will prevent them from getting red leg bumps.

Don’t shave against the grain: In other words – shave the way the hairs are facing. This will prevent you from cutting them too short and mean the angle isn’t forced to change.

Shave when wet: At this point the hairs will have absorbed the water and they will thus be much softer and much easier to shave as a result.

Exfoliate: Exfoliating regularly can prevent your pores and follicles from becoming clogged and this can in turn prevent a major cause of in growing hairs (if the pores are blocked this can force the hairs to grow in the wrong direction, and this is also of course a common cause of infection).

Replace your razor: Replacing your razor regularly can make sure it is clean and sharp and thus prevent your hair follicles from being blocked. Be sure to wash regularly as well.

Moisturise: This will again make sure that your leg hairs are soft and absorbent. At the same time though it will also ensure that your skin is soft.

Wax: If you consistently have problems with leg bumps then it may be time to forego shaving completely and to try something else such as waxing.

Dealing With Leg Bumps

These measures will help you to prevent leg bumps occurring, but what do you do if you already have the leg bumps? Fortunately there are some easy ways to deal with them when they do occur.

Tweeze: Using a pair of clean tweezers it is possible to remove the hair right at the tip and to stop it doing any more damage – be warned though, this is a rather painful process.

Let it all grow out: If you have many leg bumps then they will grow out with time. Give your skin some time to recover by letting your leg hair grow out a bit, then be sure to use the tips above next time you start shaving.

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