Remedies for Mouth Blisters

The unfortunate thing about seeking remedies for mouth blisters is that you would first need to know the cause. Sometimes they are simply the result of some trauma such as biting the inside of your mouth or lip. Other times they are the result of colds or fevers. However, some types of blisters in the mouth are caused by the herpes simplex and are actually not curable. There are remedies which may relieve the discomfort for herpes blisters, but no actual cure. When trying to find remedies for mouth blisters, first determine the cause if at all possible.

Mouth Blisters Caused by Trauma

This is perhaps the most common form of mouth blisters. Many people accidentally bite the inside of their mouth, most often during their sleep. Others bite the inside of their lips or cheeks as a nervous response to stress while others inadvertently bite down while eating. This type of blister inside the mouth will generally heal on its own within just a few days, barring any infections which may develop if not kept clean.

One of the most popular remedies for this type of blister is, believe it or not, basil! If you do not have fresh whole basil leaves to chew or make into a paste, there is basil paste that comes in a tube in the produce section of most grocery stores. Dried basil leaves might be mixed with water to form a paste, but is likely to be less effective. Apply the paste to the area two to three times daily. Basil works as a drying agent and also has healing antibacterial properties.

Cold Sores – Fever Blisters

Similar to blisters caused by the herpes virus, these sores are often difficult to treat. They are usually caused by a viral infection and can last several days to a week. Sometimes they are the result of running a high fever while other times they are from a depleted immune system. In any case, building up the immune system is often the best course of action as this also helps to heal the cold/viral infection at the same time.

Some doctors will prescribe antibiotics or antiviral medications such as Tamiflu for the underlying illness. These medications may also remedy cold sores or fever blisters at the same time. One of the best remedies that is known to be effective in treating both colds and fever blisters is immediate high doses of vitamin C along with supplementing with zinc. The object is to supplement at the first sign of a cold or fever in order to ward off a full-blown attack.

Food Allergies and/or Irritants

Unless you know which foods you are allergic to, this could be a tricky one to find a remedy for! Other irritants which are known to promote mouth blisters are hot or spicy foods. If you find that you are repeatedly subjected to a recurrence of mouth blisters, the first thing to do would be to rule out herpes simplex. Once a physician has done a swab to ascertain the virus is not present, you can then try to discover the cause.

The first line of attack, once you have ruled out herpes, is to try the food elimination diet if you don’t know which foods you may be allergic to. This is basically a system whereby you eliminate certain foods or food groups over a period of time to see if any changes occur in symptoms. However, in the meantime you could try to use the basil paste remedy as mentioned above and also taking an antihistamine may relieve some of the allergic responses to foods you have eaten.

Popular Natural Remedies for Mouth Blisters

No matter what the cause, there are quite a few popular natural remedies that are known to be effective in treating the severity and duration of mouth blisters. Again, basil is one of the preferred treatments but it is also suggested that you drink beverages through a straw to keep the area as dry as possible to promote healing. This also serves to keep certain irritating beverages away from the sore. Avoid carbonated beverages as well as acidic fruit juices that will only serve to further irritate those already painful areas.

Also mentioned above, vitamin C is extremely effective in treating cold sores. Actually, two other herbal remedies which are used in treating common colds and viruses are Echinacea and Goldenseal which also work to heal and sooth mouth blisters. These are available in both supplements and herbal teas. Lysine, an amino acid, is also beneficial in healing mouth sores and may also be effective in reducing the severity of a herpes outbreak. Another herbal tea that is found to be effective is brewed with coriander seeds.

Some people get mouth blisters as a result of vitamin deficiency while others get them for no apparent reason. One of the best remedies for mouth sores is to eat a healthy diet of whole organic foods while reducing stress as much as possible. Daily multivitamin supplements can also be an effective preventative measure, but if you are eating a well-balanced diet of whole foods, there may be no need to supplement. In the end, if you find that you have an ongoing problem, you would be best advised to get a proper diagnosis from a medical practitioner to rule out any serious illnesses.

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