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For women who experience burning in their vagina after sex and/or pain, swelling, blistering and possibly wheezing and anyphylaxia there is often one potential cause staring them in the face that nevertheless seems too unlikely and bizarre to be possible. While they will likely consider a range of problems they might have with their vagina, or a range of potential STIs they might have, one explanation staring them in the face is that they have a semen allergy. Yes, those exist.

Symptoms of Semen Allergy

As mentioned, the symptoms of a semen allergy are pain during sex, swelling and blistering. This will normally be localised to the region (usually the vagina) though in some situations it might be all over the body. In more serious cases you might also find that you have fever like symptoms such as difficulty breathing. This can progress into full anaphylactic shock where your organs have essentially shut down. In such scenarios it is important to get immediately to a medical facility where they will administer a shot of adrenaline.

To identify your condition as a semen allergy, as opposed to an STI or another allergy, you might notice that semen elsewhere on the body causes the same symptoms. In any case you should seek medical attention if any such symptoms arise in which case the medical experts will be able to use a range of diagnostic tests to identify the allergy for what it is. Look out too for allergies to certain foods, as the same proteins as those found in semen can be found in many foods and these might further suggest an allergy while also being a potential risk.

Treatment of Semen Allergy

For those who suffer from a semen allergy, sexual intercourse and reproduction can be difficult. As such there are various methods that can be used to treat the condition and/or to deal with the symptoms. In many cases using condoms can help to prevent the problem as it contains the semen and prevents it from coming into contact with the vagina. Likewise it is possible to get pregnant through other means.

However for those who understandably would rather overcome the condition completely it is possible to go through immunisation via desensitisation. Here your body will be subjected to gradually increasing amounts of the protein until it no longer registers it as a threat.

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