Millions of people throughout the world suffer from corns, which are basically foot calluses. Corns are caused when dead skin accumulates around an irritated tissue on the foot. Corns are often caused by shoes that don’t fit on the feet properly. However, there are some other common causes, such as problems with the bone structure in the foot, which is typically known as a bunion.

They may even be caused by the way a person walks. The best way to protect yourself from corns forming is to take good care of your feet. This means you should keep them cushioned, comfortable, and aerated as much as possible. There are a few other treatments you may want to try to help get rid of corns.

Good-Fitting Shoes

It’s important that your shoes fit your feet properly. This should be common sense, but some people try and force themselves into ill-fitting shoes sometimes because of fashion sense. Shoes that come with narrow toes are considered to be among the worst causes. If you want to get rid of corns or prevent them from forming in the first place, then make sure your shoes fit properly.

Soak Your Feet

Soaking your feet is a good way to reduce corns. You may also want to grind away the dead skin with some type of file, cloth, or pumice stone as well. You can try soaking your feet in a warm mixture that consists of iodine, bran, and boric acid. Try doing this for about 20 minutes every day and see if you can rub off the dead skin.

Pad the Toes

If the corns happen to be between your toes, you should pad them so they don’t rub against each other. A good way to do this is to put some cloth or any other type of material you may have to form the padding. This will keep your toes from rubbing against each other and irritating the skin. You may want to try cotton balls, lamb’s wool, or sponge etc.

Corn Pads

You should be able to buy corn pads for your feet from a drug store. However, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has recommended that you stay away from using medicated corn pads. This is because they may further irritate under the corn and it could end up in an infection. The academy believes that non-medicated corn pads are a better alternative.

Bone Deformity

If you suffer from corns on a regular basis it could be from some type of deformation in your bones. Sometimes people suffer from deformed toes, problems in their bone structure, or issues with their foot development. These problems may cause corns because your feet might have a hard time fitting properly in your shoes. A deformity can also cause problems when walking. If you think you may suffer from any type of bone deformity it’s a good idea to visit a doctor or an orthopedic specialist. You may have to have surgery performed to rectify the problem.

Corn Removal

There are some other types of corn medications available and a doctor should be able to help you choose the best one for your situation. Corns can also be moved surgically, but there’s no guarantee that they won’t return afterwards. This is basically seen as just a temporary solution when it comes to the problem of corns. There’s also a chance of infection with surgery, so make sure you look after your feet and have some antibiotics on hand just in case.

Home Remedies

The formula of iodine, bran, and boric acid is well known as a remedy for corns when used to soak your feet in it. This will moisten the skin and make it easier to be rubbed or filed away. The boric acid or borax helps to exfoliate your dead skin cells and the iodine will help to keep your feet from becoming infected.

Another home remedy is cocoa butter. If you put this on the corns it will help to moisten them. This makes it easier to remove the dead skin, much like the iodine formula. Just moisten the corns and then use the cloth or file to take the dead skin away. You could even try using a piece of fine sandpaper.


  1. So I got three corns on my feet n I want to get them off so I can wear sandles?

  2. I developed a corn due to shoes that shrunk on me after they became wet. I had tried different remedies. The band aid with salicylic acid the supposed to last for 2 days but tends to come off my toes due to perspiration, also have a pumas stone and file on hand but what finally worked for me was a day off work and a big glob of lotion on that corn and re-applied if necessary for 12 full hours. The hard skin was so soft it just peeled right off. Wearing flip flops did help when I did this.

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