Foods and Drinks That Cause Acne

In the United States, the most common skin condition is acne. The characteristics of acne are pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and cysts.

Clogged pores, excess oil, inflammation and bacteria are being called the most likely suspects for acne. The best way to fight off an acne outbreak is with regular face washing. The buildup of oil, bacteria and dead skin cells if left to remain on the skin, will clog the skin’s pores, adding up to more acne trouble. Also certain foods and drinks have been known to aggravate acne problems in some people. If you have a sensitively to acne breakouts, you will also want to consider avoiding these types of food and drink.

Seafood and Spinach

Oysters, crab, lobster, shrimp and spinach have some things in common, they are iodine rich. They also cause acne outbreaks because of the iodine they contain. Iodine is the only dietary component which has been clinically proven to trigger these outbreaks. Studies have been done since the 1960s about how iodine can cause acne breakouts.


Most of us love to have caffeine as a fast pick me up and to get going in the morning. But, caffeine can also cause your hormone production to increase and trigger an all-out acne breakout. If you notice that you are having these problems, you will want to avoid caffeine products such as coffee, chocolate, tea and sodas.

Refined Carbohydrates and Sugars

Skincare experts state that food which will cause a surge in the body’s insulin production should be avoided. When your insulin production is increased, it can also increase your hormone levels, which will lead to an acne breakout. These types of foods are pasta, white bread, flour and any type of food that contains refined sugars. You want to avoid doughnuts, cookies, candy, white potatoes, candy, ice cream, desserts and cake because of their refined carbohydrate and sugar content. Sufferers of acne should eat a low glycemic diet which is low in sugar to prevent having outbreaks.

Animal Proteins

Many people have trouble digesting the animal proteins that are found in familiar foods such are red meats, milk and cheese. Milk is a processed food with contains antibiotics and hormones that have been given to dairy cows. Milk also will contain iodine because of the iodine which is in feed that is given to cows. Iodine can cause acne outbreaks as it is consumed by milk drinkers. This problem is getting worse since the use of growth hormones have been added regularly to cattle grain. The reason for hormone addition is to increase milk production in dairy cows. But, want happens is these foods are not being digested properly and the waste products will then linger longer in the body and will be released through the skin as acne. The rise in hormone levels in the human body will also trigger acne breakouts. The source of the hormones comes from the animal proteins which we eat.

Processed Foods

In these tough economic times, many families find that it is quicker and easier to use processed foods when cooking on a tight budget. However, they contain many types of toxins, like additives, synthetic colors and chemical preservatives. Overloaded with these toxins, the liver will produce hormones with will trigger acne outbreaks. Processed foods like microwave dinners, store bought cookies and chips, pizzas and cold cuts should be avoided to prevent the breakouts of acne.


Alcohol has long been known to have dangerous effects on your body and nervous system. One more caution has been given to avoid beer, vodka and wine. The alcohol in these drinks will increase the testosterone hormone in the body and will lead to acne outbreaks.


Everyone knows about too much trans-fat and saturated fats not being healthy for you and your heart. But, now it has been shown that these types of fats will also lead to acne breakouts. These fats can be a big problem for some people and it is best to avoid them. Also, foods which are high in fat will often have a high salt content. The iodine in iodized salt can also trigger acne outbreaks.

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