Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

If you are trying to get pregnant, you probably can’t wait to recognize the early symptoms. While the best confirmation is from your doctor, there are very early signs that you can watch for to let you know that you may be pregnant. The most common early symptoms of pregnancy are:

Missed Period: This is the most obvious and usually has women running out to buy a pregnancy test.

Nausea: You may feel nauseous throughout the day, or in the early morning when you first get out of bed in the morning. Keep some saltine crackers at your bedside table and in your purse; these seem to calm the stomach.

Tender Breasts: When you are pregnant, your body increases your hormones and gets your breasts prepared to produce milk. They may become tender and swollen.

Intuition: Some women say that they just ‘know’ when they are pregnant and it’s difficult to explain to other people; many women are correct about their intuition.

Decreased Hunger: This could be from feeling nauseous or from being sensitive to certain smells and foods; you may notice your appetite is much less than normal.

Aversion to certain foods or smells: Your body is constantly changing and hormones are raging; this could be the reason you can’t tolerate certain foods or smells.

Tired: As your body works overtime to prepare itself for the next 9 months, you may feel like you could sleep all day. Try to take more frequent naps throughout the day to combat this.

Dizziness: You may feel dizzy after climbing a flight of stairs or just standing up for too long. This is because the arteries in your legs compress as your uterus swells, thus dropping your blood pressure.

Frequent Urination: One of the joys of pregnancy is needing to go to the bathroom all of the time; this happens because your uterus pushes down on your bladder, giving you the feeling of a full bladder. By the end of your pregnancy you will know where the public washrooms are in every store you go into.

Morning Sickness: It seems as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, you are running to the bathroom. Again, saltine crackers by your bedside table can help. Have a couple of nibbles before you even get out bed.

Heartburn: There is an old wives tale that says the more heartburn you have during pregnancy, the more hair your baby will have. While this may be folklore, heartburn is a very real symptom and can be severe. Antacid tablets are effective and safe to take.

Mood Swings: This is again due to raging hormones and a changing body. One minute you seem to be the happiest woman in town; the next you are crying uncontrollably for reasons you don’t quite understand.

Irritability: This ties in to your mood swings; you can seem irritated at the slightest things that never bothered you before and you are testy with others.

Lower Back Pain: This is caused by a number of factors including a change in your posture, weight gain and sleeping position.

High Body Temperature: This is not a fever but hormonal in nature. You may feel warm all the time, and want to open a window in the middle of winter.

Weight gain and/or bloating: This of course is unavoidable and weight gain is an inevitable, even healthy sign of pregnancy.

Positive pregnancy test results: The next best thing to a doctor’s diagnosis. You can find these tests at any drug store. They are very accurate and can detect pregnancy as early as one day after a missed period.

Supplements can be used to help ease some of these symptoms. Ask your doctor for his or her recommendation. Most supplements can be bought from a drug store or health food store. Eating right is also important; Omega 3s, B vitamins and fatty acids are all essential nutrients and will also help with mood swings and irritability.

Unfortunately, some of these symptoms are painful and inconvenient; fortunately, most last only for the first 3 months of pregnancy. And of course, you will have a beautiful healthy baby to love and hold in a few short months, so it will all be worth it.

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