Home Remedies for Passing Drug Tests

There is a lot of truth and myth floating around about what home remedies work for drug tests. If you happen to be in the unfortunate situation where passing a drug test is a concern, you don’t really have much room for error. Your best defense is to learn which methods will probably work, versus those which are questionable. The good news is, most drug tests that companies administer only check for THC levels, which are produced from smoking or consuming marijuana. Checking for other drugs, such as opiates, is too costly and difficult for most agencies. The bad news is, marijuana stays in your system for weeks, and if you are a regular user without a medical license, you will definitely want to follow directions carefully. Despite your level of usage, it’s wise to abstain for as many days as possible before the test is administered. You also need to do these two things: dilute your urine, and successfully cover up the fact that you have done so.

Increase Levels of Creatinine

Creatinine metabolites originate from creatine, which is present in red meat and also available as supplements. Urine-based drug tests measure the level of creatinine to determine urine integrity – that is, they want to know if you have attempted to dilute your urine. Because it can take up to two days for creatine to metabolise into creatinine, you will want to begin consuming lots of creatine 48-72 hours before you have to take the test.


Taking lots of aspirin (not Tylenol or other OTC painkiller, it will not do the same thing) in the hours prior to testing makes your urine more acidic. In doing so, it helps to mask the effects of dilution that some drug screen tests measure. When it comes to dosage, remember the “fours”: you can take up to 4 aspirin every 4 hours safely, up until about 4 hours before the test.

Water and Diuretics

Drinking water for weeks on end won’t help you much, but drinking as many glasses of fluid as you can in the few hours before a test can make all the difference. Basically, you dilute your urine so that you don’t test positive for THC metabolites. In addition, add a diuretic. Vinegar does not help, nor does Dexatrim. Conversely, coffee, beer, cranberry juice, and certain herbal or OTC products which purport to relieve water retension may be somewhat helpful. Instead of water, you can also use Gatorade, Powerade, soda, or Pedialyte. Start about 4 hours before the test, and begin drinking fluids, at least 48 ounces in all, as much as you can stand. Try to drink it all within an hour or two. Then, within the next couple of hours, you should be urinating like crazy. Every time you do, drink more fluids. Never test with the first urine of the day, and even then, try and catch your urine mid-stream.

B-Complex Vitamins

This complex serves the very simply function of turning your urine yellow for a few hours after taking it. This will help hide the fact that you have diluted your system (which would normally leave your urine looking clear and watery.) You will need to take about 10x the normal daily dosage within 2 hours or so of the test. For faster results (or if you’re running low on time) crush the tablets up and choke them down with water.

Tums and Rolaids

Increasing your salt and mineral intake by taking several (up to six) Tums will increase what is called your “specific gravity”, in case they check it. When they do this, they measure your urine sample to make sure it’s denser than water (not totally diluted).

Exercise and Increase Fiber

Exercising and eating a high-fiber diet will speed up your metabolism and cleanse your system faster, but you should never rely on this method alone. It is nowhere near sufficient to ensure you will pass a drug test. If used in conjunction with other methods, however, it will help make your system as clean as possible prior to attempting detoxification.

Administer Your Own Drug Test

In preparation, order some drug testing strips online. They are fairly inexpensive, and can give you a good indication of whether or not you can pass. Administer a test after a trial run, using the above methods. If you fail, there’s a reasonable chance you were not thorough enough in your detox, and that you can do better. In any case, if you pass and remain drug-free until the test, you can safely assume you are detoxing correctly. Then just keep up the good work!


  1. I was shocked to hear asprin works, learn something new daily I will try it real soon hope it works!

  2. Does anybody know if these worked? Would love some feedback….

  3. I've been in the military police core for 5 years and passed every random drug test with my staying hydrated and beer and water and tums test no fails. I even smoked up till 3 days before and army test so to me it is no joke, no lie; the beer and water constantly works but drink water till 6 or 7 then get piss drunk pissin every 10 mins then chug water then next day and repeat about a week, no problem, plus no hangovers hehe

  4. l am on probation, had a test on a Monday, they informed me on Friday. l am a daily taker, only stopped Saturday and Sunday. At around 10pm Sunday l started with 4 cranberry pills at 11pm 4 aspirin l got up at 4am 4 more each aspirin and cranberry pills and washed them down with 2 powerades … at 6am took 4 more aspirin and cranberry pills and washed those down with a pedialyte mixed with certo … l still havent peed at this point … on my way to the test l drank a rock star … lnever peed once before the test but l had to go when l got there, they got my dirtiest urine of the day but l passed urine was a nice yellow, not neon and l passed so this will be my new cheat 🙂

  5. Good advice

  6. I’ve been clean for one month exactly could I possibly be clean to take a drug test. I only took one hit a day for two months.

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