How to Make Your Ex Miss You

Most of the time, you won’t have to do anything to make your ex miss you as he or she will already be sharing some of your feelings. In fact, the truth is you really cannot make a person feel anything he or she is not already feeling.

However, there are some things you may be able to do in order to help your ex realize what he or she is missing. Because there are so many reasons your ex may be your ex it is hard to determine which strategy would work best for you. If you broke up with your significant other because the feelings were gone then there may not be anything you can do. On the other hand if the relationship went south for a specific reason or something that is within your control then the first step would be to begin working on that particular issue. The following tactics may be used to help your ex realize that he or she misses you but keep in mind there is no guarantee that any of them will work.

Put Some Distance Between You and Your Ex

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder is this is almost always a safe bet. Removing yourself means becoming totally out of reach. This will mean turning your cell phone off and not returning any calls. The key is that you will want to make your ex wonder why it is that he or she cannot reach you no matter how hard he or she tries. Human nature will kick in and cause your ex to start wondering what you are up to and whether or not you are actually with someone else. This is one of the number one ways in which you can help your ex to realize just how much he or she misses you. Timing here is very important, you probably only want to do this for a couple of weeks as letting months go by could have the opposite effect. Choose your timing carefully. If the two of you have mutual friends then chances are your ex will begin communicating with some of them to find out about where you may be or if they have heard from you. Once you hear from someone that this is taking place then you will know that your goal has been met.

Begin Working on Yourself

While physical attraction is not all there is to a relationship it certainly doesn’t hurt matters any. If you have some pounds you have been wanting to shed this would be a great time to begin working out at a gym and watching what you eat. This is the “Eat Your Heart Out” method and it usually works like a charm. If you bump into your ex looking hotter than ever then he or she is bound to take notice and feel a twinge. In addition, working on yourself is not just about looking good but also about feeling good. When you begin to feel good about yourself your whole demeanor changes and you begin to emulate more self confidence. This is bound to make you look much more attractive to your ex and just about anyone else you come in contact with. Your ex will probably find him/herself becoming much more interested in what you are doing once you begin workin g on yourself and showing that he/she is not the center of your universe.

Play the Field

That’s right folks! You are no longer obligated to remain faithful to your ex if you and he/her have broken up. If someone is interested in taking you out to dinner or for drinks, don’t be a fool! Accept graciously and go out and have a nice time. Playing the field does not mean that you have to become sexually promiscuous but if the mood strikes you remember that you are a consenting adult and you do not have anyone to answer to at this moment. If your ex learns about your reemergence back into the dating world then he or she is bound to begin panicking and second guessing the decision to break up in the first place. It is almost a sure bet that if your ex still has any feelings for you whatsoever that this will prompt swift action on his or her part.

Do Not Stalk Your Ex

Stalking and acting like a love sick puppy is the worst thing you can do. As the old saying goes, “never let them see you sweat!” If your ex knows that you are hanging by a moment waiting on him or her then there will be no motivation on his or her part to miss you. How can you miss someone you could have at the drop of a hat? You must create a game in which you are the hunted rather than the hunter. This is easier said than done and be warned that the urge to call your ex and show up at his or her house will be quite strong, especially in the beginning. Find a way to keep yourself busy so that you can avoid groveling. Nothing makes you look less attractive than whining and professing your undying love to a person who is not receptive of it at the time. Instead, go out and do your own thing. After several weeks pass by then it may be acceptable to call up to see how he or she is doing but always allow a fair amount of time to go by before making this type of contact.

Game playing may be for children but many adults have found games quite effective when it comes to affairs of the heart. People enjoy a challenge and when there is an absence of one then they are bound to become bored with a situation. If you can find a way to make yourself scarce and somewhat of a challenge to reach then you may have a very good chance to win back the affections of your ex.

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