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Velvet was and still is very fashionable this winter, suitable for creating a beautiful transition look into spring as well. Given its superb, luscious texture, it is no wonder that velvet draws one’s attention without being too ostentatious. These characteristics brought velvet up on the runways on countless occasions this winter, being featured in the collections of world renowned designers such as Anna Sui, Zac Posen or Alexander Wang.

Velvet has a lovely sheen and a plush feel to it, making it a highly luxurious and sophisticated textile perfect for bringing in warmth in colder seasons. The main disadvantage of velvet is that, worn incorrectly, it can look matronly and even costumy. In fact, this is one of the top reasons as to why women avoid wearing velvet in the first place. Any fashionista knows that owning a velvet piece will keep her wardrobe updated for this year, and given the fact there are so many ways in which to wear velvet whilst maintaining a crisp, young look, purchasing a velvety piece is a must for creating that level of sophistication that only velvet prevails in acquiring.

Tips on Wearing Velvet

Velvet is not intended to accompany other clothing pieces made of this rich looking textile. Taking into account the true essence of velvet, this material only looks good if paired with pieces of different textiles, including solid ones like denim or tweed, softer ones like silk and even transparent fabrics such as chiffon or organza. What makes velvet work is the contrast between textures, whilst the colors comprising a velvet outfit should maintain approximately the same hues.

Speaking of colors, choosing velvet clothing items need to take into account the visual as well. Look for rich, luscious colors like navy-blue, deep purple, ivy-green or burgundy, with the most innovative one being gray. Gray is really in right now, not to mention the metallic look that it gives to velvet makes it an exceptional color.

If you’re wondering what velvet pieces you should add to your wardrobe, go for a velvet mini-dress, a velvet skirt, blazer, vest or, more surprising, velvet leggings. For women who are still velvet-phobic, wearing velvet items at a much smaller scale will guarantee them a fashionable look, whilst minimizing the tension of owning this plush like material. A pair of shorts, a vest, or even better, a pair of velvet Oxford booties or a pretty little handbag will add richness to any woman’s outfit.

How to Accessorize a Velvet Encompassing Outfit

Since velvet creates a refined look so naturally, it is best not to go overboard with the accessories. A good idea would be to add vintage-inspired pieces to maintain the nostalgic effect of this textile. Go for worn-metal chains, a lovely string of pearls, statement rings, long strands of necklaces, simple pendants and vintage brooches. Since velvet makes enough of a fashion statement, the wrong number and quality of the accessories can make an outfit look crowded and/or cheap.

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