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Geometric prints are immediate eye catchers. Their psychedelic boldness is perfect for women who like to stand out, and anyone fitting into that category should be careful on mixing and matching such prints because getting noticed for all the wrong reasons won’t reflect the wisdom of your choice.

Rules on Wearing Geometric Patterns

Whether you like to go flashy and opt for visually exciting prints and bright colors, or you prefer a more toned down look with simpler patterns, you need to take a few things into account if you want to attract the right amount of positive attention.

When it comes to choosing a geometric printed design, the possibilities are endless, as countless designers made these patterns a must-have trend, whether we’re talking about the winter or spring/summer 2011 trends. Brands and designer houses like Anna Sui, Etro, Moschino, Versace, even Prada featured geometric printed outfits on the runways for the upcoming season.

The first rule of fashion that we learn about going geometric talks about the unpleasantry of mixing patterns. Choose not to follow this misconception as you’re more than allowed to mix geometric prints as long as you have the critical eye on how to do it. Looking like a psychedelic mess won’t talk about your exquisite fashion sense, and going matchy-matchy with patterns is even worse. If you find mixing too complicated, choose to follow the number two rule on wearing geometric patterns: either go for a crowded visual on the top, and keep it simple and monochrome on the bottom, or pick a plain top and add detail in the bottom. If you’re planning on wearing a colored geometric print, choose one color of that particular palette to blow life into the other half of your outfit.

Geometry aesthetics will affect how your body looks as well. Therefore, if you’re carrying weight on your hips, opt for a geometric-printed top to balance your figure, whilst a skirt accentuated by this print will draw attention from the thing you’re trying to hide in the upper area.

If height is not working in your favor, and would like to cut off a few inches off it, go for a heavily geometrized dress or romper to attract attention to your torso. If you’re too petite, go for vertical orientated patterns, and choose the same print for maxi dresses as well, for this kind of length in a dress is known to overwhelm even medium heighted figures.

How to Accessorize Geometric Prints

Whatever prints make it in the top of your list, the results will be amazing, but you’ve got to be careful if you want to spice things up and add accessories as well. If you’re going to wear geometric-printed outfits, it is best you choose your accessories in a contrasting color or in the same tone as the one fitting into the overall palette of your clothes. For example, a floor length dress with dark blue geometric prints will look astonishing if paired with a bright yellow maxi-clutch and belt that goes around the empire waist area. If a full, black and white geometric-printed outfit is your favorite choice, go for red pumps and a red handbag to add a pop of color.

As far as jewelry is concerned, don’t go over the top, but keep things simple by selecting bangles or other pieces in gold or silver, without carrying other embellishment such as rhinestones or heavy pendants.

And remember – the most important thing is to have fun with it. Geometric prints are meant to be fun and exciting, so the best way to update your wardrobe and catch everyone’s attention is to integrate pieces decorated with lovely and wild geometry-specific shapes.

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