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The extravaganza, style and sophistication displayed by celebrities is a marvelous temptation to us mere mortals, but not everyone is willing to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on outfits created by world class designers when they can acquire a similar look, for a fraction of a price.

Designer Lookalikes

Looking at stars’ fashionable attires makes us wonder if we could put together the same ensemble, without regretting the money spent. This ambition is fairly easy to achieve as long as we have the time to study the offer properly, and that is designer-inspired pieces. These are legal since manufacturers don’t claim their creation is genuine, trying to deceive people they are buying the actual thing. Designer lookalikes may not have the same quality, fabric and tag as the piece they’re meant to resemble, yet they are far cheaper and can still have a superior quality to the fashion items sold in local stores. The difference between genuine items and their legal lookalikes is pretty small, some having a slightly different pattern, others having 5 instead of 6 buttons and so on. If you’re really into brands, designer-inspired pieces are your best option.

Bargain Buys

If you’re not interested in browsing websites in search for pieces looking exactly like their expensive counterparts, you can always attempt to recreate the same style of a particular celebrity by finding certain clothing items and accessories that look almost the same as the ones seen on the red carpet. Any piece worn by and admired at a celebrity has its lookalike featured in a less pretentious store or website, so no matter what’s your heart’s most desire, there is a place to get that item with a lot of zeros cut down from the tail of the tag.

The easiest way to create the look for less is to shop during the discounts period, pay a visit to the local outlets or go through websites that offer a large selection of items at lovable prices. Most fashion-related websites allow their visitors to enter a search query according to the price range they think is affordable. Whether you’re looking for boots under $100 or jewelry around $5-$10, with a simple click of a button you can find incredible deals for fantastic items.

Just How Affordable Is a Look for Less?

When it comes to finding a poncho that looks the same as the one worn by Dakota Fanning, or you simply have to grab a clutch that looks similar to the one displayed recently by Blake Lively, the longer you look for something resembling that item, the more chances you have to cut down the list to a few pieces with various prices, the final decision being the one with the most affordable price tag.

So just how much would you be able to save by creating a look for less? Well, do note that a pair of high-heeled pumps perfectly resembling those made by Alexander McQueen or Christian Louboutin can cost below $50 whilst the originals’ rise far above $500! Taking more than shoes into account, a fabulous look for less can be so affordable that none of your friends would believe how little you spent to achieve such a phenomenal appearance.

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