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There are a number of factors that play into how to grow long nails. You may have an issue with nails breaking before they grow. You might be a life long nail biter that has trouble with behavior modification to achieve those long nails. You also might be lacking sufficient nutrients in your diet to grow long and healthy fingernails.

Addressing the various issues that can impact the length of your nails can be simple, despite the complexity of some of the underlying causes. Heredity is the most difficult aspect to contend with, but often improvements in diet can help increase nail growth despite the genes that keep your nails breaking off before they grow.

First and foremost, make sure that your fingers are healthy. Fungus that gets trapped under the nail will turn them yellow and make them even more brittle, which means that you will have a difficult time getting them to grow into long and healthy nails. If you suspect that you have a health issue, your first stop will be your physician. There are medications to treat nail fungus and other problems that interfere with nail growth.

Dietary Changes

Changes in your diet can impact how well your nails grow and whether or not they are strong enough to put up with daily life. Protein is essential for making sure your nails can grow. Calcium is also a must. Of course, both protein and calcium require additional nutrients in order to do their job inside the body. Protein must work in conjunction with amino acids while calcium needs magnesium and phosphorus in order to work.

Usually it is best to take these nutrients in through food, however you can use supplements as a last resort. If you can not achieve an increase in nutrients through healthy foods you can buy individual supplements that will increase your intake level.

As these food nutrients bond together they do all kinds of different jobs in the body, including helping the nails grow longer and stronger. You might notice that you have an increase in energy as well as feel better overall if your diet has been impacting your ability to grow long and beautiful nails.

Behavior Modification

It is not always easy to stop biting your nails. This is often a nervous condition that comes from constant conditioning. If the action of biting your nails has somehow brought you comfort over your entire life, changing this habit will be a bit challenging, but possible.

Some people find that focusing on keeping their mouth busy is a good way to stop biting the nails. This can mean sucking on a low calorie mint when the urge to bite strikes or it can mean chewing gum. Often occupying the mouth can reduce the urge to bite the fingernails and stop the process altogether. For this, you do have to maintain a certain level of awareness of your own behavior.

If you are having difficulty doing that, there are things that you can put on your fingernails that will stop you the instant that your nails reach your mouth. Solutions are manufactured to help provide a very bitter taste that alert you to the prospect of chewing on your nails.

Fake Nails

Fake nails do not help the nails underneath grow long and strong. The fake nails can not only decrease circulation but can also tear the nails near the quick. Circulation is paramount for helping your own nails grow long and strong, so you want to avoid those things that will detract from the natural circulation process.

Prevent Breakage

When your nails start to show signs of growth it’s easy to break them if they are weak and brittle. If you apply a simple top coat of nail strengthening formula you can help reduce the chance of accidental breakage.

This is the stage that chronic nail biters have the hardest time with. Because there is a little more nail to get into the mouth, it’s easier to forget that this is a problem. Increase your use of biting deterrents to prevent chewing.

When the fingernails are wet they are also softer. This can increase the likelihood of breakage. Providing your nails with a bit of extra care during this time can help decrease the chances of breaking.

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