Fixing gaps in teeth can have very positive results when it comes to everything from your social life to your job. Most of all it can be a great way to help improve your self image and help you feel better about your appearance. When you are confident about your smile it shows. When you’re not, it also shows.

One of the main reasons that people don’t fix the gaps in their teeth is expense. Dental care can be very expensive and sometimes people feel that they have to make choices about what they are willing to spend their money on. This is understandable. Of course, if you have yet to investigate the possibilities you really don’t know exactly how much it would cost to fix your gaps.

Born With Gaps or Developed Gaps

Some people have gaps in their adult teeth from the time they get their first set. Whether it’s an inherited condition or one that simply applies to one person, gaps are easiest to fix when a child is still growing. Braces are the most common way to close the gaps that are often found in adult teeth in a teenager, although there are plenty of teens who find that their gaps have closed naturally as they grow up.

Some adults have found that while they initially didn’t have any gaps in their teeth over time the appearance of gaps occurs. This is from the natural process of shifting that can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes it can be a sign of bone loss if the jaw is losing bone density. Sometimes, the teeth themselves are thinning. In other cases, it is just the natural process of change that happens over time and there is no direct or obvious cause.

Either way, many adults are reluctant to get braces. Invisible braces are certainly more convenient, less painful, and are less noticeable than metal braces and can be equally effective when it comes to fixing gaps in teeth.

Should the Gaps Be Fixed?

Many times a front gap is actually considered desirable. This is a personal decision that you might find you’re comfortable with. A gap between the front two teeth can often be found to be highly attractive and there are people who pay to have a gap placed between their front teeth. This is not everyone’s first choice, and if you feel differently it’s important to recognize that.

If your gaps are anywhere other than your front two teeth then it is most likely that you’ll want to have them fixed. This can be a process that is more painful to think about than to actually have it done. If you’re considering your options, it is a good idea to consult with a qualified dentist to figure out the most cost effective method of fixing the gaps.

Treatment Options

Many treatment options for adults are going to vary. Braces are certainly an option, as are invisible braces. Either of these two methods can close gaps within a reasonable period of time.

Bonding is often one of the more desirable approaches for adults. You can only have your teeth bonded through a dentist. This is the process of adding to the tooth in order to make it a little wider, thus closing the gaps. Bonding can usually be done in a single visit and will provide immediate results. When compared to the overall cost of braces and the comfort level of the patient, bonding is often a more reasonable choice.

There are some new products on the market that claim to either fix or hide gaps in the teeth. These products range from bands to snap on teeth that are supposed to cover the teeth in their entirety while snapping into place. Many of the potential products that are being developed may be helpful as a short term solution, but may or may not work well for a long term permanent solution.

Living With Gaps

Fixing gaps in teeth might not be within your budget. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to purchase low end products that will eventually rot away your teeth. Anything that sits up against your teeth for a long period of time can increase tooth decay and cause cavities, tooth loss, and other issues.

Sometimes living with gaps is the only options until the financial aspects of your life can be turned around. Dental insurance can be helpful or you can start a savings account set up especially for dealing with your dental issues. Unlike other dental issues, one can choose to live with gaps without suffering from the stigma of stained or rotten teeth. Giving your gaps the attention they need can be a great gift to yourself when you are ready to start looking for the options that are most cost effective and timely.

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  1. I am really trying to find out if there is a medical concern for teens with a gap not only in the front, but the lower back teeth as well. The gap in the front doesn't particularly bother my daughter, or anybody, but she has gaps in the lower teeth you can't see, and I am wondering if that is a long term medical concern for cavities and gums. $5500 is a big investment if it doesn't matter. How can I find out?

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