Visiting a New Baby and Mom in the Hospital: What to Bring

When a woman first gives birth to a baby it is customary for people to show up at the hospital bearing gifts and good wishes. However, not everyone knows the best thing to bring. Most commonly people bring flowers, balloons, cards and plants. While these things are usually received well and appreciated by the new mother there are many other things that may be of more use and make better gifts for both mother and baby. It is important to remember that much of the time people will be so focused on the new baby that they will forget that mom has just been through quite an ordeal and needs a little bit of pampering. For this reason it is often a good idea to bring gifts that mom can use as well as items for the new baby.

Something to Make Mom Feel Good

While giving birth to a baby is a beautiful experience is also quite trying. Remember that mom has spent nine months of her life carrying the child and enduring things like morning sickness, hormonal changes and even physical pain toward the end of the pregnancy. Now consider the fact that she has just gone through one of the most physically exerting experiences she will probably ever know. This can leave her feeling exhausted, drained and in some cases even slightly depressed. Mom can quickly begin to feel neglected and completely alone as most everyone will be so busy admiring the new bundle of joy that they may forget her needs. Many women report that the first thing that they look forward to after giving birth to a baby is getting home to a nice hot shower. Bringing mom a nice comfortable nightgown and maybe some sort of bath and fragrance set is a great way to let her know that you have not forgotten her. Scented candles that she can use to relax are also excellent gift choices.

Practical Gifts

Having a newborn baby in the home can be overwhelming if you’re not fully prepared. New parents often forget things that they may need when they first bring their new baby home. For example, if mom is going to be bottle feeding then bringing her a bottle warmer and a nice set of bottles for the baby may be a nice gift suggestion. In addition, bringing items like diapers, baby wipes and other infant care products can be a great help to mom and dad. Most new parents will not feel like running out right away and shopping for things like this and items like diapers will always be needed. There are also a number of other products that new parents may have overlooked such as baby thermometers, bulb syringes, bibs and a number of other practical items that can be used in the care of the newborn baby. Do not forget that mom will also have needs such as breast pads that will help keep her comfortable and protected from any breast milk which may leak.

Keepsake Gifts

Keepsake gifts can be described as any item which can last a very long time and have sentimental value. A perfect example of a good keepsake gift is a planter. There are very cute planters which are made in the shapes of choo-choo trains, lambs, teddy bears and a number of other things that would be appropriate for the birth of the baby. A porcelain doll would be an excellent keepsake gift for little girl as it can last for ever provided it is taken care of. Keepsake gifts are very special as they can be kept in families for generations. Depending on your budget you may even choose to bring a piece of jewelry such as a gold bracelet that is engraved with the child’s name on it. There are a number of items which can be bought that could be considered keepsakes that a baby can have for the rest of his or her life in order to remember his or her birth date.

Edible Gifts

A woman who has just given birth to a baby will probably be simply ravenous and nothing says congratulations quite like a nice box of chocolates. In addition, you may choose to bring baked goods such as muffins, cupcakes, brownies and a number of other edible items which mom will surely appreciate. If mom will be breast-feeding then it may be a good idea to be sure that whatever you bring will not be harmful to the newborn baby. Most mothers are on a fairly normal diet while breast-feeding unless there are some sort of underlying medical conditions. This fiancée sighed make sure that whatever it is you are bringing has been approved for mother to eat.

The above suggestions are just some of the things that you may want to bring when visiting baby and mother in the hospital. The truth of the matter is every situation and every person is different. You will want to base your gift on individual was going to see. If you’re going to see someone who is very close to you then chances are you will already have a very good idea of what she may need or want. However, if the person you’re going to see is someone who is a casual acquaintance then it would be safe to go with one of the above suggestions. The best gifts are those which can be used in some way. It is true that everyone likes things that are attractive to look at when you are visiting a new mother in the hospital may want to focus more on gifts that serve some sort of function. Another excellent suggestion is a gift card from a department store at which mom can go and pick out her own items when she is feeling up to it.

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