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When it comes time for homework chances are you are going to be faced with a lot of frowns. Most kids cannot stand the idea of having to come home from school and have to do more school work. However, home is where we really learn the most so it is important to actively participate in your children’s homework. The question seems to be on how we are to get them on board and enthusiastic about doing homework. Usually the words enjoyment and homework are not found in the same sentence. But is there a way to prompt children to enjoy homework time? Many parents have found new and exciting ways to get their kids a bit more interested in doing homework and some of the following methods seem to work best.

Participate in Homework Time

As mentioned earlier your participation is imperative when it comes to your child’s thriving and learning process. Children who have parents that show a marked interest in their kid’s homework and school work as well seem to do much better in terms of grades. Studies have shown that children whose parents play a large role in homework time do better on tests and overall academics. Perhaps this is because children like to feel as though their parents are interested in their activities or it could simply be the element of discipline involved with parental participation. More than any of that, it seems to be more fun for children when they are accompanied by someone who wants to help, especially a parent. By participating in homework time you can make everything a lesson and you can add your own interesting twists.

Watch Movies and Documentaries

When it comes to subjects like history and social studies there are almost always many films and documentaries which have been written on the subject at hand. For example, if you child is studying American history or the Civil War, you may be able to find some very accurate period pieces for him or her to watch. This can make learning history much m ore fun than simply sitting and reading paragraphs out of a history book. The same can be said of current affairs and politics. Youtube has a number of videos that you can watch with your child on a variety of different topics. It will be up to you to use discretion on the most appropriate material of course but you get the general idea.

Play Games

There are a number of ways in which you can create fun games for your kids, depending on their age level. If you have an elementary school age child then you can easily create flash card games that you can play with him/her in order to help him/her learn spelling or vocabulary words. The same can be done for mathematics. Because of the popularity of the internet today you can also find a wealth of learning games online that you can play with your children to help them learn times tables, grammar and much more. In addition, you can allow your children to play educational games as a great alternative to other types of video games. Chances are when it comes time for homework your child will be a step ahead as a result.

Hold Contests

Kids are very competitive by nature. Holding a homework or study group and creating exciting contests is a great way to get kids involved in homework. Everyone wants to win a game and if you are able to make learning a competition, you will surely see great results. You can even create your own homemade jeopardy game using all of the material the kids are currently learning. You can also play a variation of baseball with your kids but instead of going up to bat like they normally would in a ball game they are given the opportunity to answer questions correctly. Each time a question is answered properly they move up a base. At the end, the child with the most home runs wins the game.

Offer Incentives

Kids also love getting rewards. If you offer some kind of incentive such as ice cream or even extra amounts of allowance, chances are your kids will enjoy doing homework much more. The reward does not have to be big and it does not have to cost a lot of money. It just has to be something that will cause the child to want to work toward it. For children, everything is more fun when there is some kind of prize at the end. Have you ever watched a child play games at a fair for the most ridiculous prizes? Most of the time, it is not about the actual prize but about getting something for their actions. The same can be said of offering a prize for completed homework. To some people this may be considered bribery but I say if it works, great! If there are two siblings you can even make this a small contest. Whoever gets their homework done first gets an extra 30 minutes of computer time or something to that effect.

Homework is not on a list of favorites for most kids but it is a necessary evil. We as parents have an obligation to be sure our child gets a good education. This is why it is so important that we are active in every aspect of our children’s school careers. We can make a major difference in the quality of education our child receives and therefore it is up to us to be sure that our kids are not only doing their school work to the best of their ability but also doing their homework each evening.

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