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Becoming a dad for the first time comes with many different emotions. On one hand it is exciting on the other can be very frightening. Many dads experience fear in terms of whether or not they will be up to the job. They often worry about things like providing a stable environment or whether or not they will make good fathers. This is perfectly normal in just about every man becomes a father for the first time will feel these things. Most men do not know the first thing about babies, unless they have been raised in a household with much younger siblings or have been fortunate enough to have had some sort of exposure to nieces or nephews. Even then who have some experience with infants we usually still feel some element of anxiety prior to the birth of their child. Some of the following tips may help to ease a first-time dad’s mind that help prepare him for the day that he brings his new baby home.

Take a Deep Breath and Relax

The first thing a new dad needs to realize is that she must do his best to remain calm. Babies can pick up on anxiety quite easily so if dad is nervous, chances are baby will also become nervous. If you are new dad who has just brought your baby home from hospital the first thing you should do is take a nice deep and relax. Remember that fathers have been caring for and interacting with their babies since the beginning of time and believe it or not mothers are not the only ones who have been born with instincts. Caring for your baby will become natural as long as you are able to keep a cool head and follow your gut when your baby is concerned. It is also the ports to communicate with mom about any fears that you may be having. Chances are she is having her own fears and talking about it with you may help her as well.

You Will Not Break the Baby

One of the main complaints for I fathers is that they are terrified of hurting the new baby. While there is a specific way in which a baby should be held, offering support to his or her neck, babies are not nearly as breakable as dads seem to think. If you are afraid of holding the baby at first you may find it much more comforting to begin by sitting down and allowing someone to place the baby in your arms while you are seated. Take heart that after a short period of time you will become used to picking up and holding your infant. It may take you a couple of weeks to develop confidence where handling your baby is concerned but eventually it will become like second nature.

Be Supportive of Mom

First-time dads should remember that mom is going through quite an ordeal herself. It is human nature to become wrapped up in your own fears and concerns but you must do your best to keep mom in mind as well. After bringing your new baby home mom is going to be exhausted and quite sore. She will be counting on you for a number of things it important that you be there for her. Your new baby will be waking up several times throughout the night, which will mean mom may not be getting a lot of sleep in the beginning. You can be of tremendous assistance simply by offering to take over a couple of the nighttime feedings so that mom can get a good nights sleep. If it is possible you may also offer to care for baby for a few hours in the afternoon so that mom can map.

Use Feeding Time to Bond With Baby

As a new dad you will want to find ways in which you can bond with your new baby. One of the best ways to accomplish this is during feeding time. There is no better time to develop a connection with your newborn baby during a nice quiet feeding. Even if mom has chosen to breast-feed baby, you can sit in on feedings in order to actively participate. You may also suggest that mom use a breast pump so that you can offer your new baby a bottle filled with breast milk. Everyone in the immediate family should have an opportunity to feed the new baby, older siblings included. It is a safe bet to say that mom will highly appreciate dad taking over some of the feedings for her.

Changing Diapers Is Not Just for Women

Many men are horrified at the idea of changing diapers and some of them even indignantly refuse. However, it is important to realize that there is no unwritten law which says that only women can change diapers. If dad really wants to help mom in participate in the care of the new baby then he will be required to change diapers from time to time. Changing diapers may not be the most pleasant aspect of parenting but someone has to do it. If there are also other siblings in the home it will be even more important for dad to help with all of the duties involved with taking care of the new baby as mom may find herself overwhelmed.

The most important thing for new dads to remember is that their whole lives will change as of now. This is not a bad thing it is simply a part of growing up. The new baby and all of his or her needs will need to take precedence over everything else. There is a new life counting on both mom and dad to make sure that he or she is provided for in every way. Being a parent is full of joy and while it can be a bit of a challenge it is always worth the effort.

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