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For anyone suffering from joint pain the chronic discomfort can become literally maddening. Stiff joints, painful movements, and the crippling effects can limit work and play options. Even everyday tasks can be impacted. It’s frustrating, can lead to weight gain from lack of activity, and can be expensive to treat. Surgical options are often a last resort, but many times even surgeries don’t turn out quite as planned.

Many people have turned to chronic medications to help deal with joint pain. The problem with using medications is that they eventually take a toll on the body. NSAID pain relievers can cause liver, intestinal, or stomach damage. Taking aspirin can lead to bleeding. Narcotic pain relievers lead to dependence and the withdrawal period is downright dysfunctional. But without alternatives, patients have little choice and have to find a way to make it through their day.

Arthritis Joint Pain

Arthritis joint pain can be benefited by the use of a natural product called Zymosine. As one of the leading causes for surgery and pain medication, arthritis is considered a factor of aging. However, there are plenty of patients in their 30s and 40s who are being diagnosed with arthritis which can worsen over time. These patients run the risk of being completely unable to perform basic duties within the next 10 years.

Doctors are very quick to perform surgical procedures on arthritis. However, the natural ingredients that are used in the production of Zymosine can decrease inflammation and relieve the pain. Beyond that, it also can boost the body’s natural ability to lubricate joints and reduce the onset of worsening symptoms. Some patients have found that they are nearly symptom free in a short period of time.

Sports and Impact Injury Joint Pain

Sports injuries or injuries resulting from some sort of impact can lead to joint pain as well. It’s not unusual to find that after the initial injury has healed there is ongoing pain in the area. This is because long term or permanent damage was done. Sometimes the surrounding tissue can’t absorb sufficient oxygen and other times the joint can’t continue to lubricate itself properly.

In cases like this, surgery may not even be beneficial. Joint replacements only last about ten years, thus it is likely that many patients are considered too young for such procedures. When the joint can’t properly heal, the body needs additional supplemental properties to help improve the function and decrease the pain. Joint lubrication is of primary importance.

Zymosine can help improve the overall lubrication of the joint and help improve the pain by creating a more conducive internal environment for healing. In many cases, the injury that wouldn’t heal on its own becomes completely healed in just a few months. With continued use of the supplement, joint pain and injury continue to heal quickly and with little incident upon repetitive actions.

What Makes Zymosine Effective?

Zymosine is effective at dispelling the joint pain and injury because it contains not just the right natural extracts to remove the body’s inflammation but it also contains a concentration percentage that is high enough to do the job. Because it can be costly to produce a high enough level of natural extract in a joint supplement the typical supplements do not provide pain relief or help the body repair itself.

Concentration coupled with absorbency is essential to giving the body what it really needs in order to heal itself and alleviate pain. Without these two characteristics, the supplement just won’t really work.

A natural extract of Devil’s Claw has bee found throughout the world to produce a high concentration of anti-inflammatory properties and can be produced in high enough concentrations to be helpful to the body. Devil’s Claw contains properties which increase the body’s natural development of the anti-inflammatory properties. This includes the stimulation of an increased production in eicosanoids, prostaglandins, and leucotrienes.

Applications for Zymosine

There are a wide variety of issues that Zymosine can be used to help treat. With rampant success this formula has been used to treat degenerative disorders throughout Europe as well as a symptomatic treatment for unexplained pain. It does not matter whether it is arthritis pain, back pain, knee pain, or elbow pain, the natural extract helps to improve the healing rate of the muscles, bones, tendons, and the ligaments in order to facilitate healing.

Age is not a matter of concern. You should always consult a physician before starting any new regimen, especially for children and people over the age of 50, or those with chronic medical disorders. In most cases, there are no clear indications that this supplement will interfere with most medications or conditions, but it is always best to check with a physician before introducing anything new.

Just about anyone can benefit from the effects of Zymosine. Whether your injury is old, new, long term, or short term, the ability to stop the enzymes within the body from destroying tissue while encouraging the production of enzymes that rebuild tissue the body has a more appropriate method of healing itself.

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