Fashion in the 60's

Fashion in the 60’s – Getting Groovy Baby!

We have all been invited to the typical 60’s themed party in our lifetimes and joked about the crazy styles that the era had but let’s face it; many of the looks that we go for today are inspired by past fashions such as those in the groovy 60’s! This era broke many of the traditional trends to lead the way for fashion to flourish and although we may not choose to go out in typical 60’s fashion these days, the trends are still very much making their way around!

What Have You Worn From the 60’s?

You might think that your fashion sense is as far away from the fashion in the 60’s as possible but in reality, this might not be the case. Did you know that the bikini itself only really became a fashion statement in 1963 when it was inspired by the musical called “Beach Party”? Every bikini you choose to wear in this day and age came from the 60’s in one form or another as did another rather famous fashion trend that has been bought forward from the 60’s fashion scene – the mini skirt.

Mary Quant started the mini skirt fashion statement and formed the way for ladies all around the world to lovingly show off their legs to their heart’s desire. We all own some kind of mini skirt or mini dress in our closets – this is something inspired by the fashion in the 60’s!

How About Makeup?

If you are not a mini skirt loving, bikini toting girl, you could still be inspired by the themes that the 60’s made way for. False eyelashes are something that we have all worn in the quest to get beautifully long and luscious eyelashes. This is yet another look that was first seen in the swinging 60’s. Perhaps this is because accessories were not really a big thing in this era; this is something that came along much later – the 70’s and 80’s. The clothing in the 60’s didn’t leave a lot of space for accessories such as the big necklaces and bracelets that we adorn ourselves with today and in all honesty, with clothing as bright and as powerful as seen by those in this time period, there wasn’t really a need for them either!

A Look at the Fashion in the Early 60’s

A lot of the fashion that we put into the fashion in the 60’s bracket is actually from the later period of the decade and we tend to forget about the elegant styles that came about in the early sector. Jacqueline Kennedy was a great role model during the early part of the 1960’s and created a look that was feminine and elegant while still being beautiful and a new trend. Suits were now worn by women; something that was before this time was relatively unheard of. Not only that but the pillbox hat became rather fashionable leading the way for women to wear hats these days. As a last mention, the beautiful stiletto that we adorn our feet with today was first inspired by the fashion in the 60’s.

You might not be living in the 60’s but in reality, your closet might be. Without the rather embarrassing trends that we cringe at in our earlier years and even those of the generations before us, we wouldn’t see a lot of the trends that we have about today that I’m sure we will cringe about in years to come.

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