Fashion in the 70's

Fashion in the 70’s – A Hippie Revolution!

There is not one person in this world that has not worn flared or “bell bottom” jeans at some point in their life. Once upon a time, these flared trousers were seen as part of the hippie revolution that happened in the 70’s but these days, when you pair those wide legs with a high waist and a tailored crisp, white shirt, you get a look that is professional, feminine and widely desired by women all over the world. It is amazing how much fashion has grown and also how little; it has taken just a few small changes to make the hippie flares a fashion statement to be proud of in this period of fashion.

Back to the Swimsuit

The 60’s saw the bikini emerge with a vengeance, putting women in fear of getting their white and pale bodies out for the rest of the world to see. The fashion in the 70’s bought back the slightly more flattering swimsuit thanks to Farrah Fawcett in her famous film, “Charlie’s Angels”. Although not quite the cover-up that older style swimsuits were, it still hid all those scary to reveal places and as long as you had a high leg and a low neckline, you were definitely in fashion.

When you look at the fashion today, although the bikini is still very much in fashion, the swimsuit is also high up there. This fashion in the 70’s throwback has given women a chance to enjoy the beach without baring all and for many who believe that their body is not supermodel perfect, this was a gift sent down from heaven. More styles have emerged of course, just as it has with the bikini, but the basic shape itself is just the same which just goes to show that as with most things, fashion will go around and come around just as quickly!

You Can’t Mention the 70’s Without Mentioning…

No 70’s inspired party outfit would be complete without a set of super platform shoes! White is the color that springs to many people’s minds but any color will do as long as they are as big as you can manage and are something that Elton John would have been proud to wear. These shoes looked simply divine at the time with the biggest flared trousers that you could find and a fitted shirt with a nice bow design around the color. It’s funny because the platform shoes made a comeback once more in the early 90’s with the group “Spice Girls” making them popular once more.

Last But Not Least….

The hairstyles are something that you cannot fail to mention when you talk about fashion in the 70’s. Long flowing locks with natural curls or manmade waves, blonde and light browns taking preference and a center parting completing the look. This is a look that once again, has come back into fashion even as late as today which proves that fashion trends never really go away; they just get hidden to return in a few years to come. Think about that next time you decide to empty your closet from all those clothes you don’t wear anymore!

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