Fashion in the 80's

Fashion in the 80’s – The Material Girl!

If you want extreme fashion then you should travel back to the fashion in the 80’s. With a crazy mix match of every fashion trend that you could ever possibly think of, the 80’s really was the decade to experiment which many people did very happily! From huge shoulder pads to random strips of material in the hair, there really was a look for everyone in this powerful and trend setting era, many of which we still enjoy right up until this day.

What Caused the Fashion in the 80’s Revolution?

Music changed in the 80’s which was perhaps one of the major factors behind the fashion trends that were set. Such stars as Michael Jackson and Madonna helped to create looks that simply were out of this world. From the Material Girl herself we found legwarmers, super diamond accessories, jewelry that didn’t match and even tutus. Michael of course lead the way for one glove, white socks with black shoes and pants and even red leather jackets, famously shown in the “Thriller” video which let’s face it; we all loved!

Big Hair? Bad Hair!

Many people look back at photos of themselves in the 80’s and cringe. Hair was very much a part of the fashion trends in this era and for the most part, it was big, bold and quite frankly, more than a little shocking. How many of us haven’t looked back at pictures of the fashion in the 80’s and been proud of the poodle style curls we had or the crimped strands that made us look like we had been dragged through a hedge backwards? Outrageous is one word to describe the fashion in the 80’s, horrendous is another!

Are We Still Living in the 80’s?

For many of us, the 80’s are still very much alive and living. Crimping hair is apparently back in fashion although no one actually seems to know or understand why. Thankfully, the poodle style curls aren’t back as yet but leggings, multiple bracelets, cross style necklaces (all adorned by Madonna) and even layering vest type tops with funky writing t-shirts are all styles that we have been guilty of wearing over recent months. The t-shirts are actually a very valuable point. Those “Wake me up before you g-go” t-shirts that all Wham fans were wearing have been replaced but simply by another slogan. The style itself still remains the same. Just wait until summer comes around again and those jelly shoes that we swore we would never wear again will be back on our feet. You have to wonder why you ever throw away any of your clothes!

The Top Ten…

So, what were the top ten fashion trends in the 80’s? Shoulder pads are of course number ten when you think of the fashions in the 80’s closely followed by number nine – the mini skirt. Number eight brings us to leg warmers which unfortunately have made yet another fashion reappearance recently as have number seven – those huge earrings! Number six is of course the fingerless gloves which, surprise surprise, have made another fashion come back! Number five brings us to parachute pants, something that have not yet come back around but it is surely only a matter of time. Number four – big puffy jackets and number three, all in one clothes that were not flattering and never will be! Number two is those awful legging type pants that had the stirrup effect on the bottom and we come lastly but certainly not least to number one – oversized tops which, you guessed it, have made another fashion comeback!

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