Fashion in the 90's

Fashion in the 90’s – Rebellious Chic!

The 90’s were a funny decade when it comes to fashion and nobody really understands why. A mix match of so many different styles and trends that it can be hard to pick just one and a serious re-mash of fashions from both the 60’s, the 70’s and even the 80’s made this a rather adventurous but at the same time dull few years for fashion.

A Look at the Big Brands

When you think of designers you think Gucci, Prada, and Vivienne Westwood…. However, these famous fashionistas didn’t actually come around until this era – the 90’s. Gucci famously won the internationally acclaimed “Brand of the Year” award, pushing them into the forefront of fashion for the first time despite the fact that this world famous brand had actually been around since the early 20’s.

Calvin Klein was another big name to emerge properly from the 90’s. This is still a name that we associate with both fashion and perfume even now but seems to be somewhat un-fussy compared to other world famous designers. Who can forget Versace and D&G? These are two more famous world renowned designers that were pushed into the limelight with fashion in the 90’s. Versace with its colorful and ingenious designs and D&G with their hardcore fashion following.

What Made the Fashion, Fashion?

One thing that has been clearly apparent about fashion for a few years now is the fact that it is often influenced by music. Take Madonna and Michael Jackson in the 80’s – these two alone set the stage for how fashion should be, all white socks and black shoes, fingerless gloves and poodle style perms. The Beatles were setting the trends for the UK with fashion in the 70’s and we simply can’t forget the influences that British pop sensation, the “Spice Girls” had on fashion all over the world.

Put Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice in a Union Jack dress and six inch high platform shoes and the whole world goes a bit nuts! Many of the types of fashion in the 90’s were set by famous pop stars and this is sure to be a running trend for many decades and even centuries to come. The most famous of us has the power to set the fashion trends, wherever we will go. This is not to say, however, that these famous people actually get it right!

Across the Years – A Decade of Many Fashions

One thing is for sure about fashion in the 90’s and that is that you cannot pin point one trend unlike other decades. The 90’s had platform shoes and mini dresses with cowboy shirts and hats with flared jeans. Colored tights and pants made a comeback as did the Aviator sunglasses, famously first made popular by Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Then there were the Converse All Star shoes that are actually still popular now with tight jeans which have again, made a comeback. The thing about fashion in the 90’s was that there was not definitive trend and this shows that fashion is ever changing and becoming more so.

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