Fashion in the 00's to Present


Fashion in the 00’s to Present

The 2000’s were considered by many to be the “Mash up” of fashion. Just like the 90’s, this decade didn’t have one set fashion trend unlike decades previous such as the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. When you try to tell your kids or Grandkids about the fashion in the 00’s to present, what would you say? It’s not really big hair and there hasn’t been one hair trend. Jeans have changed style every five minutes for the whole of this ten year period. Baggy shirts were in and then tight shirts and then baggy ones again. It would be easy to agree with the “Mash up” description.

The Beginning of the 00’s

At the beginning, the fashion was still very much unisex just as it was in the 90’s. Men were coming out to be more feminine and women were coming out in more masculine designs. The early 00’s lead the way for sharp tailored suits for women but still with a feminine edge of high shoes and ladylike accessories. Denim skirts and to be more precise, denim miniskirts started to appear both with cowboy boots and flat shoes and flip flops became more of a fashion statement than a comfort piece.

The Mid to End

Towards the end of the fashion in the 00’s to present, leggings made an appearance and to this day have refused to budge. Leggings with dresses for a girlie night out, leggings with summer dresses and flip flops for a cute day in the sun and even leggings with jumpers and big boots for a winter look. It would seem that leggings are here to stay! Of course, you cannot talk about fashion in the 00’s to present without mentioning the skinny jean. Looking great with Converse All Star shoes (which originally made an appearance in the 80’s) and even high heeled boots with the jean tucked in, this is a look that is also going to be sticking around for a while despite the fact that they are not the most comfortable fashion item that we have ever owned.

The Labels

There are many labels that you can associate with the trends of this period. Pandora and the cute charm bracelets came about just a few years ago and are lusted after by women all over the world. Christian Louboutin became more and more famous, especially with stars such as Victoria Beckham being a fan making it necessary for girls to pay upwards of $1,000 for a pair of shoes to stay in style. Then of course, you cannot miss out the gorgeous designs that the Queen of fashion herself released in the form of sunglasses, dresses and even a $13,000 crocodile leather handbag. It would appear that if Mrs. Beckham is wearing or designing it, we have to have it.

Just Now…

Right now, in the winter of 2010/11, it would seem that zips are very much in style as showed by the above mentioned dresses that Mrs Beckham has been both designing and wearing. Shorter hair, again modeled by this star, is very much in fashion, going almost back to the 60’s with the infamous “Twiggy” look. Who knows what will be coming up in the next seasons? Maybe those fashions that we laughed about in the 80’s will be making yet another appearance in our closets?

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