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When winter comes around there are people that will fear the thought and never go out hiking and there are people that love it. The idea is actually that one can learn to enjoy the winter weather and hike in it however it’s a good idea to remember that it needs to be respected and you need to make sure that you prepare yourself for it. Staying safe as well as enjoying the winter weather is the key.

Make Sure You Know the Weather

Before you begin a hike it’s always a good idea to make sure of what the weather is going to do. This goes for any type of weather but you need exercise more caution if it happens to be during the winter months. You need to make sure that you know what the temperatures are going to be like and if there is any chance that they could change on you very quickly. You need to make sure that you are prepared and make sure that you have everything that you might need.

Make Sure You Layer

It’s important to make sure that you layer the clothes that you wear. You need to make sure that you are able to stay warm. While you are moving around then the increased blood circulation will help to keep your body warm but once you stop then the temperatures will catch up to you and do so quite fast. You want to wear some thick clothes but you should really try to focus on layering because that way you can add and remove clothes as needed. You need to make sure that you can stay warm but you don’t want to overheat yourself either.

Make Sure You Bring…

When going on any form of hike there are always certain things that you need to make sure that you have on hand, however when you are dealing with winter hikes some items become more important. You need to make sure that you bring water with you, and try to pack some sort of snack like trail mix. Make sure that you bring a flashlight with you in case you get stranded overnight. Make sure that you bring a first aid kit, this can be key even for the smallest of injuries but many times the small injuries can turn into big problems.

Make a Plan

Make sure that you have a plan; you never want to go hiking unless you have a clear plan mapped out. You need to make sure that you know exactly where you plan to go and what path you are taking to get back. Try to estimate when you will be at each location and then make sure that someone else knows. That way should something happen and you don’t make it back then that person can tell people where to start looking for you.

Also always make sure that you are hiking with someone, it can be very dangerous to set out on any hike or adventure by yourself. Should you get lost or injured having someone else there to help you can sometimes mean life or death. Hiking can be a very enjoyable hobby, but you need to realistic about what can happen out there.

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