Moses Basket, Crib, or Bassinet?

When preparing for the arrival of a new baby there are many things new parents to be will need to consider. One of the most important things will be where the baby will sleep. Most parents like to keep the baby close to them and in the same room for at least the first few months. This makes nighttime feedings more convenient and also helps new parents sleep better knowing the baby is near. Some parents are horrified of leaving their newborn in the next room even so arrangements are usually made to keep the newborn in some sort of portable crib or bed during the first several weeks or months. The problem seems to be in deciding which the best option would be in terms of whether a crib, Moses basket or bassinet is desired. Things like space and budget may help to determine which would be most optimal.

What Is a Moses Basket?

A Moses basket is named such because of the story in the Old Testament of the Bible in which baby Moses was found floating along the Nile in a basket. These baskets are nice because they have handles and can be carried quite easily. They are large enough typically so that they can allow an infant to sleep in them comfortably for several months. One advantage of a Moses basket is that a sleeping infant need never be disturbed in order to be moved from one room to the next. This means no matter what room you happen to be in, your baby can accompany you. The same can be said of trips outside of the home in which nap time will be much easier if a Moses basket is present. Moses baskets are also small enough so that even the tiniest apartment will be large enough to accommodate one. Some people choose to keep a smaller place for financial reasons until their child is older and the need arises.

Bassinets for Aesthetic Appeal

A bassinet is set up more like a crib in that it is on legs and is usually a bit more difficult to move around easily than a Moses basket. However, some people prefer them to Moses baskets mainly for appearance and because they are a bit larger. The truth is there is no difference in the quality of sleep an infant will have when considering a crib, bassinet or Moses basket. But for the most part the choice is made for aesthetic reasons or due to space restrictions. Some parents like to have a bassinet in their room for the first several months and then later move the infant to a crib in his/her own room later on. Bassinets are a bit more costly than Moses baskets but tend to be a bit of an upgrade where most people are concerned.

Longevity of a Crib

One of the most popular reasons that parents forego using a bassinet or a Moses basket is that a crib is permanent and will last the child all the way into his/her toddler years. This means less work in terms of moving the baby around or setting up and breaking down a bassinet. In addition, there are some parents who would rather have their baby start sleeping in his/her very own room from the first night on. In some cases a crib is placed in the same room with an older sibling. Or if financial means allow it then it is often placed in the room with a live in nanny. Cribs can also be set up temporarily in the parents’ bedroom if so desired but some people believe this defeats the purpose of having a crib, unless of course the crib is of a portable variety. Portable cribs are nice except for the fact that they only hold the baby until he or she gets to a certain weight, at which point a standard crib becomes necessary.

Convenience of Having Baby Sleep in Your Bedroom

Having your new baby sleep in the same bedroom with you is quite convenient as he or she will more than likely be waking up at least once every hour or two for the first few weeks in order to eat. If you live in a large house this would mean that having the baby sleep in a separate room would cause you to have to walk all the way to the baby’s room in order to care for him or her during the night. In addition, some parents fear that their baby will stop breathing at some point throughout the night or become distressed and they will not hear his or her cries. For the most part new parents are usually quite protective over their infants and typically opt to have him or her close. Some studies have shown that infants who sleep within close proximity of their parents tend to feel more secure. This may be because hearing noises which come from the parents such as snoring or even voices when they are talking is soothing to the baby.

Some people go out and spend a time of money on items that they will only use for a few months. If you are not financially well off then this is quite wasteful and even unnecessary. The truth of the matter is that any baby bed, provided it has been deemed safe for infants, will do just fine. Many times parents are lucky enough to receive bassinet, Moses basket and even cribs from friends or relatives who attend the baby shower. If you have received any of the above, keep in mind that there is not one that is more beneficial than the other and they will all do nicely. In order to determine what type of bed you would like to use for your baby you must consider your tastes and preferences. Remember that no one can make the decision for you and for this reason you will want to weigh out all the pros and cons of each carefully before making a decision.

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