Baby Personality Types

Some people think that babies are born as blank canvases and that every personality trait they develop is learned behavior. However, many studies have shown that babies are born as individuals from the moment they emerge from the womb, complete with their very own unique personality type. For example, some babies who are born colicky go on later to be extremely affected by environmental elements and even develop anxious or nervous disorders that follow them through life. If you have an infant and you are trying to determine what your baby’s personality type is, you need only observe your baby to figure out right off the bat the type of child you will be dealing with. The following are some of the most common baby personality types and the traits that go along with them.

The Grouchy Baby

Some babies seem to be born with a chip on their shoulder. It seems that nothing you can do ever fully satisfies this type of baby. In fact, you may notice that your baby more closely resembles a crotchety old man or woman than a sweet little bundle of joy. These babies seem to spend more time crying, frowning and complaining than they do at anything else. In some cases a grouchy baby may be this way because there is some sort of underlying medical condition in which he or she is feeling discomfort. However, if all medical conditions are ruled out and the baby just seems to be grouchy, chances are you have a grouchy baby and there isn’t going to be much you can do about that. Once you have met your baby’s physical needs and have made sure that he or she is not overtired and has been fed properly then you can begin working on creating a calmer and happier baby. The best way to deal with a grouchy baby is to make sure that you provide an extremely structured environment. Make sure that feeding and sleeping schedules are followed to a T. At the end of the day if you still have a grouchy baby then you will just have to accept that this is his or her personality type.

The Moody/Fickle Baby

Just as some adults are prone to mood swings and temper tantrums, so are some babies. Many times a moody baby is classified as a colicky baby. However, some pediatricians believe that colic is just another word for passionate. Many babies are born with ultra-sensitive natures and can become upset or agitated at the drop of a hat. If you have a moody baby then you may notice that your baby can go from happy and laughing to screaming and crying in 0 to 60 seconds. Most of the time moody babies are totally healthy but have been born with a fickle or extra passionate temperament. They may also seem to be more sensitive to things like environmental stimuli and loud noises than a typical baby. The best thing you can do for a moody baby is to try and learn what it is that seems to aggravate him or her most. In educating yourself on what makes your baby tick, you can learn to avoid situations that may cause a temper tantrum. If your baby seems to be sensitive to strangers let’s say, then you can try to desensitize him/her slowly by gradually getting him/her acclimated to meeting new people. For the most part you may just have to accept your baby’s tendency toward moodiness and do your best to deal with it.

The Sunny Baby

Some parents are lucky enough to bring home a bundle of joy who seems happy and laid back no matter what is going on around him or her. These babies are often referred to as sunshine or sunny babies. Usually babies with have this type of temperament will grow up in the same way and will have less challenges and struggles throughout childhood and adult life. One thing that parents may want to watch out for with a baby that has a sunny personality such as this is that he or she will also be very trusting when it comes to meeting new people. While you do not want to instill fear or phobia into your child, you may want to work on teaching a sunshine baby early on all of the dangers associated with strangers. Sunny babies will usually be content for hours upon hours without a peep. No situation will seem stressful to this type of baby and it may even be easy to forget this baby is in the house sometimes, especially if there are older siblings. A sunny baby will cry from time to time if his or her needs have not been met but for the most part this is the easiest type of baby a parent could be blessed with.

These are some of the most common types of personality traits found in babies but there are also babies that are extremely predictable and are often called such. A predictable baby is one who will reach milestones at a very predictable rate, not before and not after the standard time. There are also babies who are more energetic than others. These babies will be on the go almost from day one, or at least from the moment he or she learns to crawl. It is also possible to have a baby with one or more of these personality traits as every baby is an individual. The main thing to understand is that each baby is born with his or her own basic personality and that nurture versus nature may have an impact on changing or altering these personality traits but for the most part a baby is born with the personality he or she is going to carry throughout life.

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