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In the world of the fashion industry, trends are fickle, so clothing items and accessories are often brought back from the historic archives to perfectly blend together with current trends, releasing their magic upon even the less nostalgic of the fashionistas. Fashion items originating from another era will always fascinate and magnetize women from nowadays therefore the essence of vintage clothing will never have to struggle to capture the attention of the fashion conscious ladies.

Finding Vintage Clothing

There are a number of ways as to how you can put your hands on a few vintage pieces, so searching for great clothing items is really never the issue with the vintage trend. First of all, look no further from your house. Some pieces are meant to stay in the family, whilst some are simply forgotten in the back of the closet. Whatever the case, if you dig deep enough, it is possible to find an old lace mini-dress, an impeccable looking cardigan with pearl buttons or a superb pair of suede gloves. Ask your older relatives to give you access to such fashion treasures, and don’t hold yourself back from acquiring as many vintage pieces as you like as long as they have maintained their proper aspect during the course of time.

Another place raging with vintage clothing are second hand stores, but if you don’t like the looks of those, you should take a peak in vintage shops and boutiques that sell amazing pieces at various prices. Depending on the era they’re from, their quality and just how well have they been maintained, the prices of vintage clothing range from a few dollars to hundreds. If you don’t like the idea of spending too much on clothes that are not at their first wear, try looking in regular stores. As already mentioned, the vintage trend keeps coming back, and this winter placed this trend at the top of the list, therefore any local store and shopping mall should be fully stacked with all kinds of vintage pieces, suitable for whatever fashion character and budget you have.

During the cold season, most vintage pieces seen in stores, which still embellish the shelves, accentuated the feminine side of a woman. Floral patterns, lace, bows and ribbons, pearly accents, velvet – all these motifs and fabrics were put together to create fabulous vintage pieces. The advantage of vintage clothing sold in regular stores is that they carry the name of a brand you probably like, they’re new and they’re available in such a large variety that no matter what color, style and embellishment you prefer, there must be a few pieces that match your criteria and can be purchased to update your wardrobe according to the latest trend.

Accessorizing Vintage Clothing

When it comes to everything vintage, the mixture between modern and old-looking art forms are really contrasting with one another, and this disruption can be either flattering or visually unmatchy and unappealing. If you lack the creativity and non-conformism as to match edgy, current pieces with vintage clothing, go for the whole vintage ensemble, pairing both clothes and accessories with a feel far from contemporary.

When it comes to mixing and matching vintage pieces, you’ve got to keep one aspect in mind: items belonging to this trend are usually highly decorative by themselves, so make sure you don’t go overboard with the accessories.

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