Ballerina Chic Style

The ballerina look doesn’t belong solely on the stage anymore. Countless designers are creating ballerina chic outfits, and then sending them down the runways, and given the variety of styles in which a woman could wear ballerina-inspired attire, there is really no reason as to why women shouldn’t enjoy this gorgeous, feminine trend.

How to Pull Off a Ballerina Chic Outfit

Following this modern tendency can easily draw women into wearing something rather costumey, so if you do want to avoid the whole princess look, you’ve got to be prepared to pair your tutu skirts in surprising and innovative combinations. The best way to avoid looking like an actual ballerina who hasn’t got time for a change of clothes after her repetitions, would be to keep the skirt and even the flats and adjust this somewhat girly look so that it matches your personality and every day style.

To form a great looking casual attire, choose to wear the tutu skirt with simple ballerina flats and pair them up with printed t-shirts and leggings, tights, jeans or capris. If you’re more into the sporty side of fashion, a tutu skirt is a fun way to update and make a sports look appear more feminine by adding a t-shirt or a hoodie and pair them up with sneakers. For a more unconventional, rock chic look, pair a tutu skirt or dress with a denim or biker jacket, and add dark-colored ankle booties or combat boots.

Another way of enjoying a ballerina chic look would be to turn it into a more prairie-like, bohemian attire which is super fashionable in both the winter and the spring of 2011. Go for a light, pastel colored tutu skirt and pair it with a simple floral or monochrome top, add a hippie looking vest and complete the look with brown accessories. A tutu corseted dress will also look amazing if paired with a cropped, light colored denim jacket and paired with strappy sandals or wedges.

A ballerina chic look can also form excellent evening attires. Go for black tutus paired with darker shades of corsets such as burgundy, midnight blue or ivy green and accessorize everything with black pumps and simple clutches.

How to Accessorize a Ballerina Chic Look

Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, just about anything goes in terms of accessories. Whether you prefer bangles, earrings, necklaces or rings, just make sure the jewelry you pick is from the same style as the one centering your ballerina-inspired pieces.

If you’re not sure what accessory goes with what ballerina look, here are a few examples of beautifully accessorized fashion attires: an evening/glamorous ballerina chic look goes very well with layered or long strands of necklaces, or if the cleavage line doesn’t allow the use of metal chains or other necklaces, go for water drop shaped earrings or a statement cocktail ring. More casual attires go well with bangles, whether we’re talking about several plastic bangles for an everyday look, or leather and metal studded pieces for an edgier, biker chic appearance.

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