How to Wear a Jumpsuit

The 2011 Jumpsuit Trend

Fashionable for about two years now, jumpsuits are vintage-inspired clothing that keeps coming back, making it in the top list of spring/summer trends of 2011. These one piece cuts can definitely create a strong look for the upcoming season, whether we’re talking about flared jumpsuits or sleek silhouettes, including the ones with capri lengths. No matter what your preferred fashion style is, you will be able to embrace this appealing trend as there is an entire plethora of jumpsuits available, from designs suitable for formal and elegant wear, to casual and whimsical attires.

Designers With Jumpsuit Encompassing Collections

Many renowned designers chose jumpsuits as key elements in their collections, several big names in the fashion industry including Derek Lam, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, D&G or Oscar de la Renta. The styles they preferred were different however, for example, options including slimmer, more polished evening jumpsuits as seen at Gucci, or fun and flirtier, with a bit more volume as witnessed in the floral frenzy-filled collection of Dolce & Gabbana.

When it comes to jumpsuit designs, it is always best to pick minimal styles such as the ones created by Oscar de la Renta if you’re not comfortable at having all eyes on you due to a loud printed jumpsuit as seen at Marc Jacobs.

Wearing Jumpsuits

If you haven’t got any problem dressing in vibrant colors and patterns, go with your instinct since the spring/summer seasons of 2011 are all about bright and graphic prints. Choosing a jumpsuit according to this fashion trend will only update your wardrobe, and if you do decide on a visually striking jumpsuit, make sure you keep your accessories to the minimum whilst letting the jumpsuit speak for itself.

When it comes to bold printed and/or colored jumpsuits, women should mind how they choose the rest of their outfit composing elements so that their choice of accessories does not compete with the rest of the attire. If vibrant jumpsuits are not your cup of tea, yet you wish to try this trend on, take into account the fine details and lines, as well as the tailoring of the jumpsuit to create as much as a minimalist appearance as possible. Such an outfit will allow you to unleash your creativity as far as accessories are involved, many decorating pieces going hand in hand with the overall effect of the jumpsuits. Depending on the style of this retro piece, you can choose from layered necklaces, statement necklaces, long strands featuring gorgeous pendants, long, vertical earrings, round earrings or small studs, bangles and bracelets, cocktail rings, belts, especially braided ones, and any other accessory that you see fit for completing your jumpsuit look.

As far as shoes are involved, evening and formal jumpsuits go well with high heels, such as sandals and pumps, whilst more casual jumpsuits are best accompanied by flat sandals or wedges. The style of a particular jumpsuit is also determined by the fabric, most jumpsuits being made of cotton or jersey, even denim, yet elegant designs will always feature more precious fabrics such as satin or silk.

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