Top Places to Go Rock Climbing

For those thrill seekers out there, rock climbing is a challenging endeavor. It uses physical and mental prowess and gives the climber plenty of chances to show off his or her skill. There are plenty of rock climbing spots to choose from to show off that exceptional skill. Narrowing the list down to these five was not easy, but these top five places to go rock climbing are definitely worth checking out.

Seneca Rocks – West Virginia

For beginner or expert rock climbers, this spot has something for everyone. It is situated at Knob River’s northern end and is surrounded by forest. This is one of over 300 spots located in the area.

Arrigetch Peaks – Alaska

With many mountainous areas, Alaska weighs in among the greatest states to go rock climbing. Due to the harsh weather conditions, these peaks are not recommended for beginners. They reach 6,000 feet into the atmosphere with plenty of thrilling climbing.

Acadia National Park – Maine

Maine is a beautiful state with breathtaking views that make rock climbing truly enjoyable. With eight bare rock mountain summits, Acadia offers rock climbers great views and the tallest US Mountain on the Atlantic coast. Experienced climbers will thoroughly enjoy this visit.

Minnehaha – Washington

Spokane, Washington is home to The Minnehaha mountain range. It is a popular destination for rock climbers that boasts varying difficulties and bouldering. Don Quixote and Dihedral are well known summits in this range and are extremely hard to climb and should only be tried by expert climbers.

These mountains reach over 5,000 feet and give climbers some exhilarating climbs. You should check with authorities on the difficulty of the various peaks before climbing so there are no unexpected surprises while scaling them.

Trango Towers – Pakistan

Located in northern Pakistan on Baltoro Glacier, Trango Towers fascinates rock climbers. Standing over 6,000 feet tall, its size and ridgeline have beckoned rock climbers from all over the world. There are eight separate routes climbers can choose to get to the peak of the Towers. This climbing spot is one of the best in the world for experienced climbers.

British mountain climbers Joe Brown, Mo Anthoine, Martin Boysen, and Malcolm Howells were the first to set foot on this mountain and many others have followed since then.

Rock climbing is not for the faint of heart. Stupendous views are just a benefit of pitting man against nature. Testing physical prowess and mental agility is what rock climbing is all about. Climbers must keep their wits about them while testing their strength and stamina against the rock and Mother Nature. A wrong move can be fatal so keep safety equipment in good repair.

A person that enjoys going rock climbing knows that there are many places around the world to use his or her skills of climbing. Picking just a few places would severely limit a person’s enjoyment of conquering nature and rock. These too five places to go rock climbing should be included on any list a person is compiling of mountains to climb.

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