Fashionable Prints 101

There has been such an abundant display of prints in designer fashion presentations you couldn’t possibly go wrong with whatever pattern you’d choose. Embellishing outfits from neck to toe, or coexisting with solid colors, prints will definitely add their playful touch in the upcoming spring/summer season of 2011.

Floral Prints

What better way to acknowledge the arrival of spring than to accept the exuberance and delicacy of a flowery clothing spectacle? This dominant trend has been the pride of many renowned designers, names like Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Etro, Erdem, Chanel or Alberta Ferrati sprinkling colorful or ethereal pastel flowers and blossoms all over their new collections.

Digital, Geometric and Abstract Patterns

These are the next dominating prints after the flowery trend, with a large number of designers featuring at least a few pieces encompassing this print. Check the collections of the following fashion houses to draw some inspiration on how to wear these artistic patterns: Cacharel, Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Elie Saab, Emilo, Etro, Moschino, Prada, Versace, Iceberg or Rag and Bone.

Animal Prints

Let your wild side shine through by wearing this type of print which has made a comeback yet again in the fashion industry. It may not be much of a dominant trend this spring/summer, yet there are designers that have based their entire collection on this theme. The best example illustrating this fact is the Italian fashion house known as Blumarine. Other strong names that use animal prints in their lines are Roberto Cavalli, Francesco and Givenchy.

Mixed and Loud Prints

Some designers didn’t just stop at featuring one dominant print, but combined multiple patterns or enhanced the prints with loud colors, offering a visually challenging fashion spectacle. Prada showcased eclectic prints with jungle-inspired motifs and threw some chunky stripes altogether, Stella McCartney went tropical with an array of citrus prints, whilst Jil Sander amazed the audience with heavy proportioned designs featuring colorful stripes that were just as large.


This time, these perfectly aligned bands of color are reintroduced into the fashion spotlight as statement prints, embellishing various outfit pieces, contrasting with other prints or featuring eye-popping sizes. Prada, Jil Sander or Marc Jacobs had striped outfits going down the runways, so make sure you purchase some unconventional nautical stripes for the spring/summer of 2011.

Polka Dots

Next in line are these retro, flirty embellishments that will definitely mark the change of seasons through their joy and youthfulness. Whether they are yellow dots on dark-colored bases as seen at Giles, colorful or in black and white combinations as seen by Moschino, or in micro versions like Fendi displayed on the runways, polka dots will surely eliminate the monotony of your look. Fun and feminine, many women adore polka dotted apparel, so do check this type of prints on your future shopping list.

If you’re more into solid colors or monochrome looks, there’s another way of embracing these interesting and fashionable patterns: wearing printed shoes! Designers chose to make their footwear even livelier by adding trendy shoe prints featuring floral, geometric and animal motifs as seen at Erdem, Prada or Chanel.

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