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This is one of the worst feelings a new parent can have. You feel as if you have done everything you can for your baby but still he/she won’t stop crying. You feel like a failure at times and other times you begin crying too. This is especially true if you are already sleep deprived due to having a new and very needy baby in the house. Well, the good news is this happens with all babies at some point in time and it does not matter how many you have had, each one is different and some are just fussier than others. In addition, because babies cannot talk to us there are many things that could be happening unbeknownst to you. So, rather than giving up hope and running away from home or leaving the baby on someone’s doorstep try and relax for a minute and take a few deep breaths. Following are some of the things to do and look for when your baby won’t stop crying.

Walk Away for a Moment

This is often a lot easier said than done but if your baby has been at it for hours then there is a good chance you are a nervous wreck. Place your baby safely in his/her crib and leave the room. Not for a long time mind you but long enough to collect yourself. No baby has ever cried him/herself to death so rest assured your little one will be fine for a few minutes. Actually some doctors believe that crying helps free the baby’s airways of excess mucous so don’t feel too bad for leaving baby crying for a few minutes. On occasion babies become spoiled. This means that they get used to you running to pick them up the moment they make a noise. Believe it or not babies are fast learners and can quickly figure out the best way to get you to come rescue them. If you walk out of the room for 10 minutes or so and the baby stops crying then you know that he or she may have just been throwing a temper tantrum. However, if the crying continues then you may want to move on to other possibilities.

Can the Baby Possibly Be Hungry?

Even if you have just recently fed your baby there is still a good chance that he or she could actually be hungry again. Think of your own appetite. Are there days when you just seem to be hungrier than others and find yourself snacking all day? The same can happen to a baby. In addition, babies have what are called growth spurts and when these occur your baby could be hungry twice as often as usual. Another thing to consider is the diet you are feeding your baby and his/her age. Most doctors do not suggest feeding solid food for at least the first six months of your baby’s life but if you ask any grandmother she will tell you that it is non sense and that you need to feed that baby! If your baby is anywhere from 3 to 4 months old and you have not introduced anything but formula or breast milk then this may be an ideal time to begin adding a tiny bit of infant cereal (preferably rice) to your baby’s bottle. You can make a slightly larger hole in the nipple to allow the thinker formula to pass through. The same can be done with breast milk by using a breast pump. Be careful not to allow the baby to take in too much too fast as this could lend to the possibility of choking.

Is Something Physically Wrong With My Baby?

If you have already checked to be sure that the baby is fed well and dry and the baby still won’t stop wailing then you may need to look into the possibility that something is physically wrong. Even if you have already burped the baby, try burping the baby again. There is a good chance there is a gas bubble trapped that is causing pain. Check the gums thoroughly to see if there is any evidence of teething. Is your baby running a fever or showing any signs of illness such as a runny nose or congestion? If none of these things are present then you need to begin checking the baby all over. Perhaps a tag on the back of his shirt is scratching his/her sensitive skin and irritating him/her. Maybe he/she has a bug bite that is bothering him/her. There are so many things and something as tiny as a little hair wrapped tightly around one of his/her toes could be causing the problem. Be sure and check your baby everywhere.

Is My Baby Over Tired?

Have you ever been so incredibly tired that you actually felt like you could not fall asleep? Well this happens to children and babies too. If you have older children you may have noticed how terribly cranky they get when they are tired. Babies who become over tired will often cry and cry until they give up and fall asleep. The best thing you can do in a situation like this is to hold your baby and rock him/her until he/she finally gives up. A change of scenery is also a great idea. Some parents put the crying infant in the car seat and go for a drive or place the baby in a stroller and walk around the block a few times. These are great suggestions and almost always work if the problem is just boredom or being over tired. Last but not least, do some mental exercises and realize that your baby will only be a baby for what seems like a few minutes. Children grow up so fast so do not lose heart, even when faced with the most difficult baby. Before you know it you will have overcome this constant crying and be left with a smiling little bundle of joy.

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