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If there’s one thing that men don’t understand, it’s probably the fairer sex. They are mysterious creatures who spend a quarter of their life bleeding and who seem to have unusual mood swings and thoughts that we just can’t get to grips with. Even Freud admitted to be unable to understand women and said that they were his great mystery.

But that’s just the stuff you know about… Some things about women would truly surprise you and you’d probably be shocked about how differently they operate to men. You spend likely a huge deal of time around these creatures and be completely oblivious to the basic biology and psychology by which they operate. Read on for just a few interesting facts that you perhaps didn’t know about.

Women Synchronise: If several women are in the same university dorms, or the same home, then over time they will begin to regulate their menstrual cycle and have periods at the same time as a result of smelling each others’ pheromones.

Women Can Stop Their Periods by Starving Themselves: If women starve themselves too much then they will stop menstruation. This can happen to anorexic patients, and eventually after too long they would be unable to return to their normal cycles or give birth.

The G-Spot Is Not a Myth: Many men believe that there’s no such thing as the g-spot, but in fact there certainly is and it’s located on the inside of the vagina wall just below the navel. This creates a whole different kind of orgasm that is much more powerful than a clitoral orgasm. Interestingly men actually have an equivalent of the g-spot too – the prostate. Here’s another fact – the ‘G’ spot is named after one Dr. Ernest Grafenberg… Coolest. Man. Ever.

Women Are Better at Multitasking: This isn’t just an old wives’ tale – it’s actually a fact due to different brain shapes. Women meanwhile are not as good at spatial awareness and this means things like reading maps and turning objects around in their mind’s eye.

The Menopause Ends After a Year With No Menstruation: It’s not particularly fascinating, but it’s something most men and a lot of women don’t know nonetheless.

Periods Are Not Clockwork: As the first fact on this list may have suggested, a woman’s periods can greatly vary depending on who they’re living with, what they’re eating and drinking and even their stress levels.

All Men Started as Women: This sounds disturbing but the fact is that the ‘neutral’ gender for an embryo is female. When it first starts growing then, all of us begin destined to be females until we receive the ‘y’ chromosome that makes them a man. Why do you think you have nipples?

A Woman’s Nipples Are No More Sensitive: Men believe that women love having their nipples sucked and tweaked and while this isn’t a complete fallacy, technically women have only the same number of nerve endings in their nipples as men. So it feels the exact same!

Women Are More Emotive: Women are generally more emotional and empathic than men, and this is again a result of a different brain chemistry.

Women Carry an Extra Layer of Fat: It can be surprising how heavy an apparently very slim woman is. This is because women have a naturally slightly higher body fat percentage, which it is believed came about as an evolutionary response to help protect the baby and keep it warm.

The Vagina Is More Sensitive Than the Penis: Women have up to ten times as many nerve endings as the penis – so be careful and get it right and it could be amazing.

The Female Orgasm Is Far More Powerful: Some estimates predict incredibly so, while others are more conservative. And they can go more than once. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad to be a woman…


  1. I came to know some facts of women from the above article.

  2. The vagina is in no way more sensitive than the penis, not even remotely. It's been found that it has relatively few nerve endings, and for most women, vaginal stimulation won't lead to an orgasm if it's not accompanied by clitoral stimulation.

    Besides, the male and female orgasm have been shown to be surprisingly similar in all studies conducted (both at cerebral, physiological and subjective levels). Also, men can have multiple orgasms as well.

  3. This article reads extremely sexist.

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