Abnormal EKG Readings

An electrocardiogram or ‘EKG’ is a device used to monitor an individual’s heart rate ad is used in order to screen to for potential heart problems. For instance if you have a family history of heart disease, then an EKG might be recommended as part of an annual exam in order to make sure that you are showing no warning signs. Of course then, fluctuations in your heart beat will be reflected in your EKG and this can potentially point to a range of potential problems.

Among the problems that an abnormal EKG reading might suggest are:

• Myocardial defects

• Enlargement of the heart

• Inflammation of the heart

• High blood pressure

• High cholesterol

• Coronary artery disease

• Previous heart attacks

• Impending heart attacks

• Arrhythmia

• Heart disease

• And many others…

Once your doctor has noticed an abnormal heartbeat they will then be able to carry out further tests to ascertain whether there is cause for concern and what the cause of the heartbeat irregularity might be. It is important that patients try to remain relaxed while they get an EKG reading as nerves can cause muscle trembling, increased heart rate and contractions which can interfere with the reading. Some heart conditions can cause the heart rate to alter intermittently meaning that an EKG might not pick it up. If a doctor suspects you have a heart condition that hasn’t been picked up by EKG, then they might suggest a Holter monitor which will be worn for 24-48 hours and will allow the patient to continuously record their heart rate.

In some cases an abnormal EKG reading is nothing to worry about and many different things can cause a high or low readout – for instance a temporary dip in blood sugar or a sudden source of stress. However doctors will normally explore the cause further in order to ensure you have a healthy heart before they let you loose back into the world.

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