Hairstyles for Balding Men

Going bald is very difficult for many men to come to terms with and for many it can be seen as a loss of some of their masculinity. In fact this really is very far from the truth and many men actually go bald because they have too much testosterone in their system – in a way they are going bald because they have too much masculinity. However that said it can still be embarrassing walking around with thinning hair that doesn’t quite cover your face. Fortunately there are some hairstyles you can use that will help you to rock the look a lot more effectively.

The secret is to embrace your balding hair rather than to hide from it. One mistake many people make is to carry on putting gel in their hair which causes the remaining hair they have to stick together so that more of their scalp becomes visible which of course is not a good look. Another mistake is to attempt the comb over when you don’t have enough hair which can look much worse than going fully bald. Here then we will look at how to embrace your thinning locks and look a lot better as a result.

Hairstyles for Balding Men

Faux Hawk: A faux hawk is a look that leaves a little length on your hair where you have it at a similar level all around your head. You then bring the middle of your hair slightly more forward and gel it into almost a mow-hawk. This works perfectly because it means the lack of hair at the temples only emphasises the mow-hawk. At the same time make sure to keep what you do have fairly wispy so it looks like it’s meant to be thinning out. This is a very stylish look that doesn’t attempt to hide a receding hair line but instead utilises it to maximum advantage. Check out Jude Law for a perfect faux hawk.

Buzz Cut: If you shave your hair to a number 1 or a number 2 then the areas where you are going bald won’t be so noticeable as the difference will be much more marginal. This is actually quite a ‘hard man’ look currently sported by Statham and Willis and many people won’t even recognise that you’re balding rather than just choosing to go short.

Comb Over: Okay so while a comb over can sometimes be fairly tragic, in the right circumstances it can still work. Essentially this will work when you first start going bald when you still have enough hair to cover the bald patches. Just grow it long and use a very small amount of wax to position your remaining hair over the bald areas. Make sure though that you recognise when to give up.

Close Shave/Wet Shave: A close shave or wet shave basically means completely facing your destiny and cutting it all off as close to your head as possible to create the ‘slap head’ look. It takes a lot of guts to go completely shaven but this is something people respond to as a result. At the same time it can make you look more masculine and emphasise your jaw line. Check out Patrick Stewart for a good example of a wet shave.

Note: If you are losing it on top then a great way to make this less noticeable is to grow more hair around your jaw so let a little bit of stubble grow. This is especially effective with a buzz cut and is a very manly look that creates the impression of lots of hair.

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